Thursday, August 9

new favorite

the new bags from trader joe's. just one more reason trader joe's is so cool.they really need to open a hawaii location. along with ikea, and target too.


I'm Jen! said...

I love those things. Their pretty enough to use as beach bags! I see those "green" bags at every grocery store now, but these are the prettiest. I want to get some but I know I would forget them everytime!!!

tonya said...

wait, there is not a Target in Hawaii??? how can that be?

those bags are rad.

Becky Freestone said...

those are pretty awesome. you have to buy them i assume. how much are they?
i don't know what i would do with out a target. i guess i would have to make wal-mart suffice. so sad. however, i would take the beautiful beach over target any day.

ashley said...

they are only $1.99- bargain! i need to pick up more next time i go.

and they are supposed to hopefully get a target in a few years, but yes, i get so so sad when i think about life without a target! walmart is not as ghetto out there as it is everywhere else though.

chanel said...

TJ- whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! You DO NOT know how terrible it is to be living without one- well maybe you do seeing as how you've livied in HW before, but it is TERRIBLE!
THose bags are RAD!!! My mom is coming for a visit and I will have to have her bring me some! My IKEA bags get way too many stares at the store.

And all Ims saying is Walmart is the bomb- its no target- but you can get cute Target things online, right?

Lets lament over TJ some more. :(

Robyn said...

Those are really cute. I'm sure they'll open those stores in Hawaii soon. If Utah just got an IKEA, then Hawaii has to get one too! And maybe an In-N-Out. That would be perfect.

Maryam said...

If you send me some pineapple and banana bread, I'll send you some of Joe's O's.