Wednesday, August 8

more randomness

so i feel like there has not been many blog worthy things going on latley. it is really hot (currently 103) and really humid (around 80%) these days, and i find myself trapped in the house during the heat of the day, which is not my favorite thing. but the pool has been a nice distraction later in the afternoon. note to self: remember to bring camera to pool. ivy looks adorable in a bathing suit.

and i guess i will never understand: why hot dogs taste better after the juice has been squeezed out onto the kitchen floor, how pasta tastes better when it is being picked up off the floor, or how mac & cheese tastes better after it has had a glass of water poured onto it. but for some reason if you are velzy this is how you do things. kids are wierd! so i enjoyed swiffereing the floor last night at midnight trying to figure out some things about our move is starting to bug me a little. i guess i need to just be happy and know that we are going to move (hopefully mid-september) and it will all work out. but there are a lot of little things that come up here and there and they get annoying. ya know how that goes...

anyways, i was trying to get some cute pictures of ivy on monday after she and velz took a bath, but upon looking at them today, they do not really look like her. seriously, she looks nothing like she does in pictures. it does not even have anything to do with her cuteness not being portrayed accurately, it has to do with looking like a totally different baby. i don't get it. because of this phenomena i feel it necessary to take a thousand pictures of her at a time trying to get one that is more true to life, but still didn't really get one. here are a few:

the girl loves her tummy.


laurenblack said...

why are you so bugged? your going back to HAWAII? did u forget? you love it there!

Valerie Page said...

AHHH, I feel your pain!!!! Let me guess, not knowing the exact date of your move...the stress of having to pack up...and just all the impending changes have you pulling your hair out! That is me right now too. you are right though, just have faith that it will all work out,(note to self: have faith....)
My kids just did the whole dump your water in the mac&cheese thing as I was reading this entry....I agree weirdos!

chanel said...

yes! bring the camera to the pool- i bet Ivy is toooooo cute!

I'm Jen! said...

I hope everything gets straightened out with the move soon. That's tough, with a new baby and a toddler and all.

Ivy changes with each new pic. She's so lovable! Good for you that she loves her tummy!

tonya said...

I cannot imagine doing that move with two little ones. Yikes. I'm sure Mama Daren is going to come help though. She is such a lifesaver!! Hang in there, it will be well worth it. Just think, NO MORE VIRGINIA WINTERS! YAY!

Kids are weird. No "ewww" factor at all. Gross.

I LOVE that picture of Ivy on her tummy with her thumb in her mouth. Absolutely darling!!

Becky Freestone said...

i didn't know you were moving to hawaii. when did this go down? When are you leaving?
ivy is so cute.