Friday, August 10

sad, but happy too.

i just got an email about the passing of President Faust this morning, (Article here.) which makes me a little sad, but happy too. what a great man and what a great life, and now he gets to go somewhere better and will no longer be in any pain or discomfort. i can only imagine the welcoming party that was there for him when he reached those pearly gates. seriously, i bet it was a party.

i took a really really good teachings of the living prophets class when i was in provo for a spring term and we got really into the lives of the prophet and apostles. i learned a lot of cool stuff about James Esdras Faust (love the middle name). one of the cool things that he did (yes, i totally just got out my notes from the class and am looking over them) was he gave a 7 word sermon at a priesthood meeting it went something like this: "Remember who you are and act accordingly." which is probably one of the best sermons given, ever.
a few other facts:
-once he got denied trying to get into the washington temple because apostles have different temple recommends, and they didn't know that.
-he said "women need to hear "i love you" and men need to hear "you are wonderful."
-he served his mission in brasil, when he was back years later they were taking donations for the temple that was being built there, people who were not even going to be able to ever get to the temple were sacrificing a lot to contribute. one couple donated their wedding rings and a dental bridge. he bought them and kept them on his desk to remind him of sacrifice.
-a quote for the women out there "sisters, you can not have everything all at once, but you can have it. sequentially. in proper time."
anyways, like i said he was a great man and there is obviously a lot of great things to be said of him, he will be missed.


Jessica Brown said...

Thanks for the post Ash. I loved President Faust. That is definetly some bitter-sweet news.

Iggy Enigma said...

aw. agree with everything. i felt so sad too when i heard, but at the same time happy to celebrate and commemorate his life. that is funny about the temple story! do you know if it was the Seattle or Washington DC temple?

Melinda said...

He was one of my favorites. Every time he spoke, I was touched. I will miss him too.

I'm Jen! said...

Sounds like he was a great man who inspired many people. I'm sure you're right, there were probably a ton of people waiting for him to welcome him the way he helped and welcomed so many others!

tonya said...

Thanks for sharing the trivia about Pres. Faust. He was (is) a great man. I LOVE "remember who you are and act accordingly". Heaven gained an amazing man today.

Becky Freestone said...

thank you for the fun facts about president faust. i didn't know any of those. what a great man.

Chanel said...

This was a great post- THANK YOU!
He was really an incredible person. I bet there is a party in heaven right now, what a great way to think about it.
These are really neat facts- especially the 7 word sermon and the wedding rings/ dental bridge!