Sunday, August 19

for gaggy

did i say i would post pictures for you last monday?  sorry.  better a week late than never.
i these pictures are some of my new favorites.
of course party girl is not looking or cooperating and was actually going crazy but that is just cause she loves her gaggy.  it's hard not to.

first day of school pictures.  we were kinda running late on the first day of school so all i had time to do was snap a quick one or two pictures.  we are still having a hard time getting out the door in the mornings.
velzy and her fake smile, as the bell was ringing

ivy, in her chair in class.

her first cast was green.  that was only on for a week and now she has a blue one.  it comes off in a week and two days.  not that i am counting them down or anything.
today she found a popsicle stick in my bag at church and spent an hour scratching her arm.  she has been a real trooper though.  we have been to the beach a few times and she has not complained but i know she is dying to go swimming.  friday the girls had no school and it was so hot so we walked across the street to the beach for a bit.  this is how she cooled off:
we have been trying not to torture her too bad though.  last weekend we went to the pali lookout and hiked a little down the old pali road, it is so pretty there.

and lola and i have been enjoying our alone time.  aloha friday
i think she misses the girls but i also think she likes to have her time off from them.  i would if i were her!

last saturday morning in bed.  they are such cute monkeys.
and this is today. 7 girls. that's a lot.  betsy's little babies are a month old and are so tiny!  they are really cute.

aaaand, that is about it.


Monica @ CreativeGator said...

Your pics always make me want to visit Hawaii again. How did Ivy break her arm? Poor sweetie. I can only imagine her frustration of not being able to swim at the beach.

Da Denninghoff's said...

When all those 7 girls grow up they are going to have so much fun together:)

heidi said...

Love the pics as always. How's Betsy holding up with twins??
Your fam is polar opposite of ours. With all of Beau's sibs, his parents have 14 grandsons and 3 granddaughters (just barely got a few girls in the last few years). You know what that means...just a few more chicks and you'll get some little dudes. I bet you guys hear this too, "Are you going to try again for a boy??" because if I had a penny for every time I heard the opposite, I'd be RICH!!

Matti said...

everyone is getting so grown up! So glad I have a chance tonight to catch up. Cute!

srisahara said...

I love your pics. Your daughters are very cute. Love them forever...

Anonymous said...