Sunday, September 16

my super super citizen

every month the elementary school has a super citizen assembly.  each class honors a students that have been super the previous month, it's a pretty big deal.  it's a big huge over the top laie elementary school production.  so, august is over and friday was the first assemble and ivy, yes IVY was chosen from her class.
thursday night we were collecting plumeria to make her a lei, and i asked her if she thought we had enough flowers and she replied "no, i have a really big neck."  She also did quality control on the flowers.  love her.
as i was leaving her room at bedtime ivy told me she was going to dream about how the super citizen assembly is going to go tomorrow.  she is so excited and nervous.
after i left i heard ivy and velzy talking about how the day will go with the super citizen assembly. i stood by their door and laughed as velzy was telling her  how you go to class and grab your chairs and bring them to the field. ivy had tons of questions. my favorite velzy reply was "well, i may be right.  but it was 2 years ago i was in kindergarden so i may be wrong but that is how we did it."  i love to hear them talk to each other.  it's reassuring to hear them be buddies.  sometimes i worry about them but tonight i just stood at the door and listened with a huge smile on my face.
anyways, here are the pictures.  

ivy's friend from happy school, shae was the other super citizen chosen from her class.

all the kindergarden super citizens

getting a lei from her big sister

she and i.

glad i got that last picture when i did.  one minute later she was hot and uncomfortable.  her leis were off and i couldn't get her to look at me for a picture for anything.  good thing i spent all the time and effort making all the leis.
good job ivy.

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Matti said...

oh my goodness! She looks so grown up! Miss you guys!