Sunday, June 24

Ma'akua Ridge

yesterday the sun was not shining.  there were no waves.  we didn't know what to do with ourselves.  velzy said the only thing she wanted to do was go hiking.  so we went.
in out "backyard" there are a few hikes and they are really fun.  ivy put on shoes and wore them the whole way... to the trail head a few hundred yards from home.  she is not good with shoes and hiked in slippers again. we really need to get her some shoes that she can wear, because she trips and her feet were bleeding and all scuffed up by the end of the day.  she had a little meltdown in the beginning but ended up hiking most of the way.  but for a little while she was a monkey on my back.
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the best part of the hike was all the fruit we found.  we came home with a backpack full of lilikio, and ate a ton on the trial.  and there were a few mountain apples that we ate up real fast.  lola liked them so much she ate the seed in the middle.
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as velzy said it "today is the best day of summer so far!" and it really was one of the best days.


The Trotter Family said...

What a fun hike! I wouldn't even know what fruit is what. Your girls are getting so big!

Sallyseashell said...

Yay! So fun!

liko said...

missing hiking lately!! love that trail, and yes, one of the highlights is looking for fruit!! and then strategizing how to get them down :)