Wednesday, May 30

field trippin

two days in a row... i am pretty rad.
so, these are all from my phone, naturally.  we got a little water camera for mothers day/ anniversary/ fathers day so there is a slight chance you will get to see something other than phone pictures soon.  possibly.

have i mentioned, it's summer time?  i am excited about that.  it's really really nice to not have to nag and wake up people in the morning.  i can't decide if i hate nagging more at the 7-8 in the morning hour to get everything ready for school or the 7-8 in the evening hour getting everyone in bed.  either way, those hours of the day are not my fav.  but now it's SUMMER!!!!!
this is my velzy girl on her way to school with the lei that she collected flowers to make for her teacher. and her candy lei, since ivy was going to get a whole grip of them at preschool graduation, she needed at least one.

the week before school got out was field trip week.  i got to go with velzy to the children's discovery center on tuesday.  it was really fun.  first graders are super funny.  i loved watching them run all over and try new things and laugh.  i have never heard velzy laugh as hard as she did when she and her friends were playing with this thing on the "ship" they have there.  i don't think she could breath she was laughing so hard.
us on the bus. velzy, liva & alex on the screen broadcasting the news
on the ship.  every kids favorite part- the wheel chairs.
banyon tree. band of crazies.
Untitled Untitled

ivy's preschool graduation was quite entertaining.  she of course was nervous and didn't want to go, of course she went and did a great job.  they sang and danced a ton and it was a grand ol party. more pictures of that for another post.

wednesday of field trip week i got to go with ivy to bishop museum.
ivy making waves for the north shore.  serving lola and ronin at the cafe.
sliding down a lava tube. and sliding down a snail.
Untitled Untitled
and i really didn't get very many pictures that day apparently, maybe because lola was with me and was scared of pretty much everything for the first half of the trip but it was really fun.

then on thursday of field trip week i got to go with luke and some of his co workers to take the admirals tour of pearl harbor.
we take really good pictures together. beautiful day on pearl harbor.
this is the utah, that was sunk in the attack on pearl harbor.  other than the arizona it's the only ship still in the harbor, sunken, from that day.  super cool to see- it's on the back part of ford island and you don't get to see it on the regular tour.    and some knots! i want to learn how to make these.

and this is the carl vinson.  it's a floating city that houses 5,000 and it came to port here for a few days before retuning to the mainland at the end of its tour.  it also happens to be the ship that osama bin ladin's body was buried at sea off of.  luke got to take a tour of it during field trip week also, no pictures of the cool places he got to see inside.  it was huge, the picture doesn't do it justice. there are a bunch of jets, helicopters, tanks... on top. super rad.

and that concludes field trip week.

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heidi said...

yay for summer!
those are some pretty sweet field trips. i won't show my kids--the little science museum in town is wimpy compared to this stuff :)
hope all is well in the moffat house!