Tuesday, May 29

this morning

as i lay on the living room floor (stretching) i heard giggles coming from the girls room.  they emerged, went to the bathroom so very quietly and flushed only once between the two of them as not to wake lola, and came giggling to find me.  first thing ivy tells me is how good velzy is at singing this song they have been "incessed" (obsessed for those who don't speak ivy) with.  we have been listening to a lot of me first and the gimme gimmes lately, they have really gotten in to Goodbye Earl.  velzy and ivy have listened to it 1,000 times and ask me to tell them the story of the song over and over and over.  ivy told velzy to sing it and i told ivy to join in and this is what i got at 7:00 this morning. i am actually pretty impressed with the fact that they did it for the camera but they are also incessed with watching themselves so they said i could film them.  oh, and my voice is nasty.

the me first version video

and i just uploaded a ton of pictures, another photo explosion post coming up soon!

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