Friday, January 6

@ the park

i realized the other day that lola has only played at a park playground a handful of times.  tragic, right?  so after her sisters went to school she and i walked over to the park to play.  i think she liked it- she collected 3 cigarette butts, walked through broken glass and slid down the slides. now she is sleeping peacefully and our house is so quite.  i should be working on the 57 things i have written down that i need to do but i am slacking.  the washing machine is going so at least someone around here is working.


The Trotter Family said...

You get such great pictures. That is a keeper for sure! Don't worry, I think we all have a list a foot long to work on. We just get distracted with fun things!

heidi said...

funny/sad/cool how #3's experiences differ so much from #1. I always used to take O to the park when he was barely old enough to make use of anything, but me and Tyce alone...doesn't happen (maybe I'll have to while the others are at school). They do get some great brotherly/sisterly playmate love that #1 never got though. All birth orders have their benefits!!

Smiths said...

What's "the park"? just kidding. I never think to go here either. Utah on the other hand... it's stupid with parks, so we more than get our fill in the summer. And usually no cigarette butts :)