Tuesday, January 3

christmas break

i know there are lots of moms who just want school to start again but i am dreading waking everyone up tomorrow for school, packing lunches and prodding sleepy monsters to get their teeth brushed and get out the door.  we have not had the best weather (don't hate me if you have snow on the ground at your house), but it's been nice enough to get to the beach and have some fun.  i really don't know what our family would do if we were not able to go to the beach together.  i love to be there with my family.  taking velzy and ivy out surfing the last few weeks has been some of the funest times ever.  and even lola has had some great little bodyboard rides with luke.  she sits on the front and laughs as they ride waves in.  it's  so cute.
velz and ivy like to go out on the soft top with me and play on it.  we paddle around, knock each other off, jump off, practice balance and laugh.  seriously one of my favorite activities of all time.  i love the ages that the girls are at right now.  even if they try to say they don't want to go to the beach they have so much fun when we get there.  and i am really impressed with how good they are in the water.  velz has been catching some waves on her own and also with me riding on the board behind her.  the other day she took a wave in and "buttons"  was on the inside and he was all stoked on her surfing and told her she was doing awesome.  velz- stoking out the old pros.  haha.  of course i have no pictures of the girls surfing or anything, we need a good waterproof camera so bad. oh, and i failed to mention that on that last wave luke was on it coming in from the inside, so they shared the wave.  when she go to the beach she was telling her friends "i shared a wave with my daddy!" so cute. sharing is caring.


chanel said...

yeah, your weather totally sucks! look at all the misery in those pictures! (your apology means NOTHING!)
the fact that it is december only makes it worse- your life is INCREDIBLE! but YOU deserve it cause i would waste your paradise with all my surfing ignorance!
although one day, i HOPE to visit you and you can totally clue me in on ALL your coolness!
welcome back to school- even though it sucks, you'll be glad they're edukated!

Missy said...

I hated going back to school this week and I only have one kindergartener, who starts at 10!

Glad you are back to blogging too. It's too good not to, I think.