Friday, December 30


this post brought to you by phineas and ferb movie on netflix, lola sleeping in like crazy, sourdough toast and a see though toaster.

have i mentioned this taster before?  you can watch your toast toast and push a button when it is at it's desired toasty-ness. i won it on my friend's foodie blog, it's awesome.  my kids have lived on sourdough toast the last few days.

anyways, on to christmas...
huger than huge surfing santa in front of the PCC.  we went on the christmas canoe ride and it was really fun.  ivy wanted to go back every night.  since we didn't make it to see santa at the mall- lines were toooo long and baby was too tired- this is what we will count as the girls picture with santa this year.  and why am i the only one who follows direction and is throwin shaka?

luke and i got to visit with corbin santa. always a treat.

the girls had a christmas party at grandma connies. decorated cookies and played reindeer games. they had a grand old time.  they are only slightly obsessed with niki.

they also reallllly enjoyed their 20 days of christmas from grams and papa.  everyday they took turns opening their presents.  usually first thing in the morning.

christmas mornin was fun- ivy almost cried because i made her wait 5 min to go into the living room but after that it was nice.  ivy asked santa for a baby doll- third year in a row. this years model pees, really exciting stuff here.  velzy wanted an ipad but settled for a remote control monster truck.  and lola was happy to be "suprised" as ivy put it.
i am posting this picture for one reason- velzy looks like a freaking teenager.  what is going on?

and now i can't find the rest of the pictures from christmas morning. oh well.  we had church and the girls wore their new dresses from grams.  they looked quite cute, i even got to do ivy's hair all nice.  i love this sequence of pictures.  everyones faces in all the pictures make me laugh.

a few other christmas pictures

hood ornaments


chanel said...

whoa! LOVE IT! what a happy christmas. and i was DYING over the teenage velzy! before i read what you wrote i was like, "whoa! when did she grow up?!?!" crazy stuff man.
cutie girls you got there!!!
thanks for the update

liko said...

velz seriously does look like a teenager in that one! crazy!