Sunday, January 15

image pile up

why do these nasty fake teeth never lose their novelty?  they just never get old....
And sometimes i kiss him

lola is in that i need to feed myself my food with a spoon phase.  it's awesome and messy.  this day i tried the "maybe if i put her yogurt in a cup and give her a straw it won't be as messy" approach.  didn't really work.

lil ones

last wednesdays fruit and veggie co-op take homes.  yummmmm.

my new primary class.  a few were missing too, it's a large group (there are at least 3 that were not there that day) and they are super funny.

how lola looks anytime there is a bathing suit laying around.  i love when she dresses herself.

i got some new app that you can edit pictures all fancy like.  velz and ivy did these ones their selves.  i think they are hysterical.  the little things in the corner of velzy's kill me.


Smiths said...

Love the photo's. It's rad to see how you capture Lola at this age, especially because Olivia does the same stuff. The feeding herself- and don't even think of taking the plate or grown up spoon away. And the swimsuit thing is classic. Anyone mentions the pool or beach and she'll have a swimsuit and floaty in hand. Love it.

The Trotter Family said...

Wow, I need a co-op out here! What a haul. I bet you go through it quick though with your little fruit bat.