Monday, October 10

punkin patch

let me start by saying luke and i entered the modern world and got phones with bells and whistles. and cameras and internet. and maps!  they are much smarter than we are and we like them a little too much.  in fact, velzy and ivy cheered when we got them. angry birds has been going off non stop- and i have managed to keep it a secret that i have it on my phone, which means the girls can be found being extra nice to luke trying to score a chance to play.

these pictures are brought to you by my new phone.  they are so fun.  it was nice to take out a phone to take pictures and not have to bring a big bulky camera.  i am one of those nerdy parents following around their kids with their phones out.  awesome. so, you can expect a whole lot of posts like this in the future.  sorry.  and your welcome- because maybe i will post more?



pick your own pumpkin and a hayride makes for a morning well spent.
washed down with some wailua bakery and surfing at chuns.
not a bad day.
not at all.

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stephanie joy said...

Welcome to the nerdy phone club- we've been waiting for you! :) Did you get an iPhone? If so I must find you on Instagram. Yessssss!