Wednesday, October 12

the little lady turns one!

i do realize i am biased, but i am convinced that lola is the cutest bestest baby.

anyways, she turned one september 29th and you know the drill i have to write all this down for posterity's sake.

things lola likes:
the bath, bath toys, dogs, sand, her sisters, playing with peoples hair, her blankets, smiling, laughing at her sisters, gathering plumeria flowers and holding on to them for long periods of time, sweets, stroller rides,  fruit, smoothies, turkey, musubi (she is local), chocolate milk, playing catch/roll the ball,

things she does not like:
her sisters up in her face, having things taken away that she has decided she is attached to, diaper changes, when her sisters get out of the car and go to school- leaving her alone in the back seat,

she sorta takes a little more interest in walking and will walk a but holding our fingers but for too long.
she actually dug into her birthday cake (my first child to do so)!!! she sleeps from around 7:30 to around 6 and generally takes 2 naps a day, but we usually do something to throw her off.  she had her dr appt yesterday and is 21 lbs, 29 inches.  although she is getting big i feel like she is still really babish- she loves to be held and cuddled, and she just recently started drinking from a cup.  she has 3 teeth on the top and 3 on the bottom and teething is not fun.  i am afraid ivy may have rubbed off on her a bit and she is getting to be quite a loud little thing.

her heart is great! we figured it was since- they have not heard her murmur since she was 3 or 4 months old.  we had to go back to the heart dr to get the all clear and i love the comparison to when she was 2 days old:
she really liked that crinkly paper on the bed. and she looks huge in these pictures. this is what she looked like when she was 2 days old:

she was soooo tiny!

birthday posts for velz and lola coming soon...


stephanie joy said...

Awww such a big, sweet cutie! Happy birthday little Lola girl!

chanel said...

um, yeah, she is absolutely darling!! such a pretty girl.
and those comparison pictures are insane! How do they get so big in just a year??? glad she's all good inside and out! :)

Sallyseashell said...

Happy Birthday to a darling little girl! I love that you made her a lei from her favorite flowers. She sounds like a lot of fun.

echo said...

the doctors told us that liberty had a heart murmur too but also said by the time we left the hospital it would be completely cleared up in a week or 2.

i can't believe she sat still long enough with all those tubes and wires! go lola!

Matti said...

oh my goodness...I can't believe she is 1. She is so stinkin cute!

liko said...

i can't believe a whole year has passed since she came into this world!
and faith still has to do that test every year for her heart. just to check and make sure all is well.

i. bloggit said...

she is so beautiful, i mean really, you should get her an agent STAT! :)

Melissa said...

she is such a cutie!!! and she is so big!!