Monday, October 17

pre-school field trip

ivy had her first field trip last thursday. lola, gena, betsy and i joined the fun too.
on the bus with her partners and best buddies niki and olivia

i get yelled at by the bus driver for standing on her seat to take this picture. the kids rode the bus- i forgot how exciting that is for kids, velzy was so jealous ivy got to go on a bus before she did.
betsy, the little squirts and i drove and meet them there.
outside having a snack

the center has all sorts of stuff, and it is so easy to spend a ton of time there. we were only inside for a little while but the kids had so much fun.



Smiths said...

where is this? Looks like fun.

Matti said... cute! I've never been there. But I am super excited to get back in a week and hang out with ya!! ;-)