Thursday, September 22


(apparently i felt like typing this evening)

tonight we hung out in the laie shopping center.  we were going to go to the beach this evening but velzy really wanted to go buy some black halloween hair spray so she can spray her hair for school tomorrow.  she paid for it herself, she was so excited she ripped one of her dollar bills. when we finally left foodlandia we ordered a cheese pizza to take to the point- cause there is zero motivation to cook when luke is not around.  when i went to pick it up, after terrorizing ace hardware for a while, the guy informed me that my pizza was done but there were too many bubbles in it so he was making me a new one.  and i quote "the standard of pizza in hawaii is way low. it's unacceptable.  i need to give you a good looking pizza."  but i happen to like the bubbles and i just needed the food, lola was sucking on his window and benches, we were hungry. soon enough we were on the point with 2 pizzas and some pineapple orange hawaiian suns.  of course, we ate the pizza with the bubbles on it.  it was a lovely little dinner date with my ladies.  i really like them.  they have the most amazing ability to make me crazy (lets not talk about the massive amount of yogurt that came spraying alllll over the kitchen from out of a teny-tiny gogurt when velzy banged it on the counter), but they also make me super happy.

on to the pictures:

i am not going to lie- homework time can be crappy.  but we have gotten into a groove- possibly because chocolate chips were introduced to the process.  velzy likes to help ivy.  ivy doesn't really like that all the time, but sometimes she humors her overly mothering sister, who has decided it's a clothing optional activity.

last time ivy wore these shorts she was a year old.  we found them the other day and they are now a part of her wardrobe.  and if you know how ivy dresses, if it's something she likes you are going to see a hell of a lot of it.  so she has been rockin the booty shorts lately.

same story with this little number.  funny enough, when the girls wore this when they were little it was wearing them and now she looks pretty cute in it.  oh, and make note of the length of her bangs in this picture, it just may change in the future...

velzy gave herself a nose job.

ya know in the californa gurls video how katy perry's boobs are cupcakes then they start shooting off whip cream in the end?
this is ivy's version.

have i embarrassed her enough this post?  she does it to herself.  the girl is one of the most entertaining people i have come across.  she is NUTS.

bubs.  aka the worlds slowest teether.  not happy about that.  especially when she wakes up and is inconsolable in the night.  poor baby.

what i have been doing to stay busy while luke is gone.

and the new do.  not as bad as the last time she chopped it off.  i was wondering why she was taking out the bathroom trash... at least she cleans up after herself.

now i need to attend to the mess that is my bedroom.  luke would die if he saw it right now.


Anonymous said...

Oh my ivy!!! Nice hair cutting skills she has there! I miss you girls! Thanks for all the info yesteray!

Jamie Watson said...

Made me happy to read the update and see the pics of the girls! Awesome birthday banner, too! You are so creative! Happy Aloha Friday! (-: xoxo

Autumn said...

Cute & Crazy girls!
Why are you public now?

Megan and Keli'i said...

Oh boy, I am in love with your girls. Ivy is frickin' hilarious...those booty shorts and katy Perry boobies? You've got your work cut out for you, my friend, and a life of never ending fun and laughs. Enjoy.

Melissa said...

haha ivy makes me laugh! she did a pretty cute bang job, i think.

love your invites!

Sallyseashell said...

Your girls are adorable!! I bet our kids would be wreckless together. In a cute way, of course.

Kristyn said...

Yeah!! You're not private anymore! I'm the WORST at checking private blogs, and I missed yours but would never remember to pull it up. So yeah for not being private anymore!

And your kids make me roll. They're hilarious!

Missy said...

you aren't private anymore? I am going to add you to reader then.

oh man - avery strips down to undies as soon as she gets home from kinder. what is it?

can you give me homework tips? I am two weeks in and she was over it after day 1.

nancy said...

homework time should ALWAYS be clothing optional.

i miss you friend! i just started nannying more this week and i'm going a little nuts. need to adjust. need to call bff.

talk soon love! seriously cute bangs ivy!

The Trotter Family said...

Ha ha, those girls are too funny! They must keep you laughing. The invites are really cute. Great job!

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Alex123 said...

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