Thursday, June 2

8 months lola

all of the sudden lil lola is not seeming so lil.  when i lay her down she looks so big.  she is still very much baby, but something has changed.

she started crawling on her 8 month birthday- which was on sunday.  not much else has changed in the last month... she has become more and more into playing with (read:pulling) hair, but because of this she gives really good hugs- to get her arms around your neck to get to your hair.  she also pats you on the back when she hugs you, i do that to her so i guess that is where she got it? she does the splits all the time.  for a while it was the only way she could sit up- laying down she would push back till her legs were fully spread and do a push up to sitting.  i know babies are flexible but she is exceptionally flexible. her hair is starting to grow a bit, its light and fluffy and sticks straight up on the top. she still loves her sisters and food, being heard and laughing, the water and eating sand.  and is a pretty happy kid.  still no teeth.  she pretty much sleeps through the night (around 7:30 pm- 6-ish in the morn) the last week or so- she had to learn it though.  she has the cutest little baby talk, squeals and giggles, and if your velzy or ivy she cracks up at pretty much whatever you do.

and of course, we love love love her so much.

(thanks mom for the pictures!)


chanel said...

to die for picture! you seriously could have the most amazing picture book of just your family photos! just precious!
love her hair!!! and those pats on the back are so funny huh? they are learning all the time.
its weird when you realize all of a sudden that they're "big" babies, its freaking me out.
and could you PLEASE come give that sleeping through the night lesson to my not so little baby- i SUCK at it!

nancy said...

oh my she is getting so old looking! like such a little weird how things just seem to change overnight huh! these pics make me miss you! can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!!!!

mahina said...

she is a doll!!

Aubrey Jane said...

She is darling!

Smiths said...

I can't wait to get to know her in a couple months. They're going to eat so much sand together. Lola is beautiful. Looks like the no eggs thing is working too- yippy.