Tuesday, May 31

crafty craft craft

all finished.  this quilt top was completed before ivy was born. it has only taken 4 years to quilt and bind it. not too bad.

i hand quilted with embroidery floss and i love it.  it turned out so pretty.

the back is cool too but i don't have a picture for you at this moment.

and then...
for mothers day i got myself a long grey skirt, it's real great. i decided i needed a nice top to wear with it to church the next day, but who am i kidding i have no stylish clothes. sooo, i decided to "dress up a shirt" one night while watching a certain movie featuring johnny knoxville and his friends.  apparently i may have been a bit distracted by the movies subject matter... maybe.  whatever the reason, my shirt that was copying this one:

(yes, it's a onesie but i thought it may look cool.)

looked like this when i first put it on:

but when worn for longer than 5 seconds it looked like this:

luke laughed at me when i put it on.  like, a full on belly laugh at you.
crafting failure. needless to say i didn't wear it to church as planned.

apparently it didn't get me down too bad cause my motha and i just finished a huge, huge radical quilt top for my bed.  more to come on that later... but it is going to be shipped out to be quilted first cause it's too big to do with my lil ole machine.

so, i guess i just need to stick to quilts as my craft of choice- which is good cause they get so much use here on a hot humid tropical island.


Melissa said...

haha. you make me laugh.

your quilt is killer. i am waaaaaay to lazy to hand quilt anything! it looks awesome!

I want to see the one you made for your bed too!

heidi said...

wowza quilt lady--super nice and awesome for the island :)
love the shirt idea but dang it--maybe a different material would work?
have fun with your mom. that is the best china present ever.

echo said...

i kinda love looking at other peoples crafting failures. it makes me feel better that i have them too. sometimes i imagine all my crafty friends doing every project perfectly while i bumble and stumble along.

Smiths said...

I'm not exactly a stylista or in any way qualified to give opinions, but I think you could add a few more floppy flowers to the shirt and it would look really cute. No? Oh well... the quilt more than makes up for it. It's so rad it makes me want to try quilting again (taj's baby quilt is falling apart already).

Da Denninghoff's said...

The quilt is absolutely darling.

Meg said...

LOVE your quilt! Seriously impressive.

Autumn said...

E for Effort girlfriend! Awesome job on the quilt! See you in a few weeks, yippee!

chanel said...

heeeelarious. i was first looking at the onesie picture thinking it was the shirt you made and then all my "Ashley is a robot" fears were confirmed cause HOW were you fitting into a onesie...then i scrolled- whew. anyway it was a cool try.
and the quilt is killer!

stephanie joy said...

So much to say- that quilt always makes me so happy! such great fabric choices! and that shirt was a really great idea- too bad! anyway, you da bomb and i want to see the bed spread!!

Sallyseashell said...

WOW-that quilt is beautiful! I am inspired! And your shirt made me laugh, too. Love that you tried and admitted your failure. ha ha

liko said...

that quilt is simply divine!!! i absolutely LOVE the fabric and colors!!
and the shriveled flowers shirt was a cool concept. maybe tack down the base in three or four spots to keep it from drooping? anyhow, you've been way craftier than i've been lately!!