Saturday, May 28

front pony, pink jewel necklace, musicians friend magazine, and two adoring aspiring musicians.
the little ladies have been getting really into music lately.
velzy is going to play the drums.
ivy the guitar.
both will sing.
their dad will be their biggest fan.
currently one of my favorite things-
listening to him play the guitar while they sing along.
it's priceless really.

and currently-
luke is in china.
has been for a week, will be there for another.

luckily my mom volunteered to come hang with us.
it's just better for all of us that way.
well, everyone but my love-handles.


chanel said...

oh my gosh, that is the most darling wonderful happy picture on earth.

yay for your mom, youre so lucky in that department!! and sounds pretty exciting for luke- china!! sweet.

Melissa said...

haha "everyone but your love handles". priceless.

Smiths said...

I would loooooove to see you with love handle- good friend, I know. What's the trip for? Micah went almost 7 years ago, and I was bumbed I missed it. He's says I shouldn't be though. China is LOCO.

echo said...

that image is so familiar. addy loves reading musicians friend with her dad. and i love when they sing together too. it really does just melt your heart.

i. bloggit said...

aww, how lovely.

mahina said...

love the front pony!!