Sunday, June 12

he was back.

for a few quick days at least. he left for a quick trip to baltimore last night.
i have not even had a chance to look at his pictures, but i can't wait to see them all and hear the tails he has to tell.  one of the guys on his tour sent him these.  i was just looking at them on my desk top and had to post them. 
this first one has got to be my favorite.  i can't look at it and not laugh.  luke, soaking it all in. or sending out the vibe.  either one, equally entertaining.
and then there is luke the discoverer.
and luke the nat geo photographer in action.
he never ceases to amaze me.  


Smiths said...

those pictures are rad. Sorry you're a single parent for a while.

stephanie joy said...

very very very cool!

Melissa said...

those are pretty cool pictures! looks like it's really pretty over there.