Tuesday, February 1

lola @ 4 months

miss lola.
my happy baby. 
currently likes to:
watch velzy and ivy
be naked
suck her hands, lips and blankets
tummy time and is getting so strong
singing in her crib when she wakes up
be held
smile and laugh
squirm all the time
wrestle with her blankets


26 inches
15 lbs 8 oz

her left eye's tear duct finally cleared up! 
thrush is finally freaking gone.
and now we just have super sensitive skin to worry about :(
(dr yesterday came to the conlusion that it is eczema)
but it doesn't seem to get her down,
if she is happy, i am happy.
and we are usually happy.
i love my little one.


daren said...

I want to jump on a plane and kiss those cute little(?) cheeks!! Thank you so much for the picts... she is so darling, and I think that she looks a little like V did when she was little!! Love to you all! XO Grandma (aka Grambo!)

stephanie joy said...

so it's eczema after all huh! poor little one- but she's so good. incidentally, lola and i have many of the same favorites... probably why we like to hang out so much.

heidi said...

does she look like ivy now? people say velzy as a baby, but i think she is similar to ivy as a 3 yr old. either way she is her cutest self and i love her cuddling luke.

The Trotter Family said...

She is SUPER cute!

liko said...

she looks scrumptious!!

liko said...

and i LOVE the post below!!!

nancy said...

so cute!! love her. so realized the other day that i've been starving van. pretty sure he's smaller than lola. he's been crying a lot lately after he nurses, but i can distract him and he's totally fine, then naps good and sleeps good so didn't think there was a problem. finally i was so sick of the crying that i gave him a bottle and he GULPED it down in 2 seconds and was a different baby. ops. sorry kid.

Melissa said...

she is super cute, and I love tis post.

Missy said...

She really is so pretty ashley. The tiniest features (especially her nose!)

Smiths said...

You are going to be the baby expert after this one- between the three you guys have had it all.

She's beautiful...she has a smile that makes the world go around.

Love the last post too. I can totally hear and see the girls in it. It's good to know I'm not the only one going through such sweet madness.

Meg said...

Love the pics! Lola is so adorable. I want to pinch her chubby cheeks.