Thursday, February 17

image pile up

i have never been so unmotivated to blog, ever (crazy kids, impatient crazy me, lola has bronchitis, i don't like looking at the computer screen...). but these are for you mamma.  hope your feeling better soon.

 such a novelty.

the happy one.

the happy one's skin. although, it has been really good all this week.

 she had to have the burrito, then decided it was disgusting but had to sit till she ate it.  this is the first time i have ever had a child fall asleep at the table, i was so happy.  silly, but i think it's so funny when this happens.  then i tried to move her to her bed.  bad decision.  very bad decision. 

truth be told:
i did 80% of the coloring.

real nice sunrises around here lately. 

love them

she is now an amby-roller.
and lauren, you don't even know how much use this blanket has gotten- so much puke has graced it's pretty fabrics.  and it has received quite a few compliments. 

he got what he deserved.

missing these buns. 


Smiths said...

I know what you mean about no motivation. I'm so glad you did. Hope things start looking up for you all soon.

nancy said...

yea for image pile up! boo for sick babies. i hear ya about missing your hot buns.....i've been trying to be good about working out lately and its slow going. i NEVER would have thought 6 months after having a baby i would still have a pooch like i do. i'll be back though..soon enough. and i know you will be too hot momma.

ashley said...

haha! they are brynn's hot buns! she and joe were here last week and i miss them!

stephanie joy said...

this is so great!! loved the he got what he deserved!! and the coloring on the valentines made me laugh because that's what always happens around here for me and ambrose. you billings women sure know how to have nice buns. i need to get some of those. anyway, loved the update since i never get to see you in person. hope the babe is starting to feel better!

nancy said...

HAHAHA rad. Brynn's got hot buns! I'm a dork.

liko said...

i always love your photos!!
and hot buns, indeed!!
as for the valentines, i printed up a variety, and all the ones that required coloring were colored by me.
someday let's go on that rad hike i mentioned on FB.

daren said...

Thanks for the pics, they made me smile... except for poor baby lola's sweet face - that looks terrible, but she is still smiling! So excited that we are coming over to wrap our arms around you all instead of drooling over your pictures!! XO

AJ said...

nice buns!

mahina said...

i love image pile up! i may steal the idea since i have tons of pictures, but no time or motivation to actually write words!