Monday, January 31

life- january 2011

life with ivy:
"NO, i want to go surfing, i don't want to stay on the shore!"
"i am the smartest in the family. 5 and 5 is 10.  see."
"i wish i was up there with them, cause i want to be next to Heavenly Father" (5 hang gliders in the sky)

we have a new member of our family.  his name is "secret ghost brother."  he is a silent, sneaky family member. i have not had the pleasure of meeting him yet.  he first appeared one day when ivy was out on the deck painting her nails, he came and knocked over a new bottle of nail polish remover.  since then he has done all sorts of things.  usually he and ivy hang out by themselves. some times she comes and tells me what he has done, others times i see something suspicious and she tells me that secret ghost brother did it.  i really wish i could think of some of his recent activities because they are pretty funny, but i can't.  i will write them down when i remember.

i got a huli huli chicken from foodland for dinner.  the girls were eating drumsticks when ivy said "there is a gross seed in my chicken"  it was the bone.  chicken seeds taste nasty.

ivy is a great big sister.  she loves lola.  i keep waiting for the novelty to wear off but it has not.  not at all.  she kisses her at least 100 times a day and is always up in her face.  she loves to get her in the morning and climb in her crib with her and hang out- "lola pulled me into her crib!"

life with velz:
last week velzy said "oh my God!" a few times.  we told her we don't say Heavenly Fathers name like that and then came up with all sorts of other things to say.  after she wend to bed she yelled for me and asked  "is it ok to say oh my heavens? because that is where Heavenly Father lives"

i can't help but wonder what velzy is going to be like when she is all grown up.
after i had lola she asked "do mommies get to choose if they get babies in their bellies?"
"yeah" i told her.
"good, cause i don't want to have kids, i want to have a job."
"really? you don't want to have any kids?"
"no, i want to go to work."

she just might be an activist- a few weeks ago she came in the house crying over butterflies that her buddy hunter had caught and put in a cage.  through intense sobs (we are emotional these days) she said she didn't want them to die and that they needed to be free.
the next day she had two in a cage.
also, she is into saving "power" and turing off the lights. i forgot to turn one off the other night when we left- which i usually am good about- and she tried to get me to turn around and go home and turn it off.  it's so funny to see what they really take in that you say and decide that it is important to them.  i really can't wait to see what she is like when she is older.

"mom, when am i going to get boobs?"
"i don't know.  maybe when you are in high school?"
"oh.  i want fake boobs"

life with kids (can i vent for a second?):
-they runs around crazy at night- until i say time for prayers, or lets brush teeth.  then they both drop to the floor with tummy aches, fevers, or they just turn retarded.
-i have to wake velzy up for school half the time during the week, but on weekends she is up at 6. why?
-doing something "special" for children always backfires and turns into a disaster- again- why?
- bad words:
"i know what the f word is.  it's fart."
d word= dumb, duh, and dork
s word= stupid
h word=hate
lets hope those are as bad as it gets for while.

luke "ivy, you want a new surf board for this summer?"
ivy (the surfer) "yeah!"
luke "how 'bout you velz?"
velz (the bodysurfer) "no, i want a hand plane" 

i love em.


stephanie joy said...

This put a big, fat smile across my face I loved it so much! I know it's probably not all rosy all the time, but life at your house sounds awesome so I'm moving in. I love the little conversations mixed in with what they are all about and they are gonna love it too someday. You guys are awesome. I wanna see Ivy surf and tell Velz I need fake boobs too so Aunty understands. :)

stephanie joy said...

Oh yeah, and thanks for the vinyl tip! I HAD NO IDEA! ;)

nancy said...

oh my i miss Ivy...please tell her her aunt nancy and uncle mike miss her. so proud of velz...sounds like she's going to be a WAY better person that i'll ever be. Ash i can't tell you how much i love this post and love you being "ahead" of me. sometimes i feel like i'm getting a glimse into my future when i read your posts....except instead of "want a new surfboard" it'll be "want a new skateboard" or something and instead of the ocean we'll be by a big city. boo. well, we'll you guys so much. we miss you. thank you for letting us in to your life...and being honest cause its refreshing. thinking of getting a little more honest in my posts but scared..who reads it? guess i'll just jump in...and realize, no one does nance. haha...

betsy said...

i think this is my favorite type of post. especially since i feel like i haven't been with them in so long! geez. maybe we can just trade one day?
if you want i can talk to velzy about big boobs. niki has informed me that she does not want big boobs like mine.

heidi said...

i am dying over here. i love the life with kids because it is my life too (minus the boob talk--well actually cruz told me they were cool today--the fact that they make milk :). seriously what happens to kids? i know one day we will laugh our heads off with the crap that drives us already seems funnier at your house than mine!

mahina said...

hey, we have the very same bad words in our house!

.Ang. said...

Alright, There are just so many things in this post that made me smile, made me laugh, and I feel I can relate to completely!

I loved this post!

your kids are awesome!

liko said...

me and velzy have something in common: i want fake boobs, too.
well, not really, but to have SOMEthing there when my bra's not on would be nice...

Melissa said...

its so awesome that you remember this stuff! I wish I did!

Ivy is as funny as ever! I love that girl! Velzy too!

echo said...

love your girls!

Manoa said...

Your girls are growing up way too fast..and way too funny. I love the age that they are right now.
And I totally understand about the 'running around all crazy' and then feigning a stomach ache when told to do a chore or get ready for bed...Noah acts exactly the same way.
"...or they just turn retarded"...too funny!

Autumn said...

The "just turn retarded" literally had me laughing out loud a few times! Funny post! Your girls are so cute!

Megan and Keli'i said...

Oh my goodness, your girls crack me up. Seriously.

I'm dying here. Thanks for the laugh. And thanks for the thoughts. Loveliness.

Boobs- that was great.

Lola pulled me in!

Up at 6 on weekends! Yes to all. Love it.

Kaity said...

Your girls are hilarious. Velzy is getting all sorts of strange "grown up" ideas isn't she. Haha. Your girls are rad. One thing that my boys do a lot (especially Gio) is whine. It is so annoying.