Sunday, December 19

christmas time...

we attempted to do a nativity the other night with our cousins...  it was not as crazy as the billings family nativities of my youth, but we are working on it.

mary riding on the donkey

mary & joseph, baby jesus

joseph, jesus, and a sleeping cow

a shepherd, mary, jesus

wise man giving a gift. ivy knows all the gifts the wise men brought and loves to talk about them, i think she was correcting paka here telling him what gift that was...

the cousins crew

the two chubby babies:

on friday a bunch of friends got together at the beach park to make gingerbread houses.  turns out store bought frosting is junk to make graham cracker houses out of, but i was not about to waste precious butter and sugar to make good frosting that would be thrown away.  it was sort of a struggle to get out houses to work, but with this much candy around it was still a good time.  after a couple minutes the humidity had gotten to velzy's roof of her house and it was totally sagging on the sides.  guess it's the price we pay to live in hawaii and make gingerbread houses then play at the beach and get sunburned after... not to rub that in or anything.




stephanie joy said...

thanks for organizing a fun day ash! i had just as much fun as the boys and that is a rarity for a kids activity day for our family! haha

also, love the cousin crew and their awesome nativity skills. priceless.

mahina said...

love the pics! i think it is funny that they are all girl cousins! that's how it was for my in-laws until the twins were born. we had our four girls and they have one cousin on mitch's side that is a girl! these boys were much awaited from everyone!!

mitch always had to be joseph and our baby jesus has always been a girl. this year we have to decide which baby will be the baby Jesus!! lol never thought that would happen!

Smiths said...

We act out the nativity every year too, and it's about as reverent as your version. Always perfect though.

Thanks again for throwing the graham cracker and frosting house party together. Tradition for sure.

The Trotter Family said...

Ginger bread houses either look good or taste good, there is no in between! I bet yours tasted great. The kits that turn out great have the nastiest frosting ever and the house ends up in the trash. I think next year I will go for taste over looks!

Megan and Keli'i said...

Looks like a good time, and sorry I didn't make the gingerbread madness...had to work again. Some day my life will be normal again. Merry Christmas! It was fun to see you if only for a moment the other day. I think of you often, though.

Erika said...

Seriously, you don't need to try making me jealous because I am. How nice it must be to go to the beach year round and not freeze! We just got back from AZ and I think I could move there...although I'd prefer Hawaii, the flights to visit family would STINK. Cute nativity. Maybe we'll have to try it this year :)

liko said...

that was a fun time making those houses.
and it was good to see you again, finally!
and to hold your baby! even if it was for a bit. gotta get my baby fixes in when i can!
and love the re-enactment. haha!!

Melissa said...

that is an awesome nativity re-enactment! I especially love the sleeping cow and the donkey carrying mary!

Lola is super chubby and cute!

Thanks for rubbing in the awesomness of a December sunburn while playing at the beach.