Wednesday, December 29

christmas wrap up

this is the one and only picture i took on christmas day:

i know, i am pathetic.

but we did get some video, so it will not be totally forgotten.

oh, and that video was mostly taken at the beach.  cause that's what you do when you live in hawaii, you go to the beach on christmas day.  so there.

i did take some pics of before christmas activities though.  and those need to be shared with my grandma.  i promised.

we loved decorating the huge gingerbread men that gaggy sent us.  they did't taste all that great but were a lot of fun to decorate!

and we had a little problem with a mouse infestation...

but it turns out they were friendly little mice and the girls shared them with their friends

oh, and we had cookie baking day too.  ivy a.k.a. little chef, is always helping in the kitchen:

and on christmas eve, us girls got dressed and discovered we really like stripes- pretend like lola is looking up.

i really wanted to get some family traditions started this year and i think we stumbled on 2 new ones-
chili cheese dogs on christmas eve and then acting out the nativity with the "little people" while luke read from luke.  hope i remember next year.
horray for christmas!


The Trotter Family said...

I can't believe the picture maven didn't get anymore Christmas day pictures! I know how it goes though. You get all wrapped up in what they are doing and forget. Chili cheese dogs on Christmas Eve sounds like a good tradition to me!

stephanie joy said...

I love the stripey picture at the end! so much deliciousness in this post!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

lola is the best!