Tuesday, December 14

2 months and birth story

the one night i plan on going to bed at 9 lola gets a second wind and won't go to sleep... so here is that long overdue post about her right now- which is more for me to remember than for you, i keep looking at posts from when ivy was her age and wish i would have written more about her.   and her birth story, because everyone loves a birth story right?

@ 2 months:
you like to be held/ rocked before you go to sleep.  you have started sucking on your fist.  your not a huge fan of the car.  somedays you take awesome 3 hour naps, others you take 45 min cat naps cause would rather hang out with us alllll day. those days are not my favorite. for the most part you are great sleeper at night, usually waking once around 2 or 3.  your grins and little gasping laughs are my favorite, sometimes you make me smile so hard it hurts.  your a fan of the football hold.  your left leg is always thumping when you lay on your back.  finally one of your goopy eyes cleared up, still waiting on the other one.  you love to hold my hair when i hold you, just like velz did.  and you like to blow bubbles with your spit and play with them on your lips.
23 1/2 inches long and 13 lbs 4 oz

and this video is mainly for the grandmas and grandpa who don't get to see how much the little chunk has changed:
(enjoy the baby talk from ivy and i)

birth story:
where do i start?  how about when i was 36 weeks and found out i was dialated to a 3 and the midwife told me to pack my hospital bag.  apparently she knew that i am the type that doesn't pack a hospital bag till i am a day past my due date.  i kind of sort of freaked out for a few days but then grasped the fact that i was indeed going to have another baby.  for the next 3 weeks she was amazed that i had not popped.  but i was relieved, i was not ready. babies are so much easier to take care of when they are inside.
september 28th tina- the crazy mid-wife that i love told me she really wanted to break my water and get you borned.  i am not a fan of inducing but it crossed my mind- many times and for many reasons.
we live an hour from the hospital.  and that is if your not stuck behind a bus or tourist driving 25 miles per hour on the windy road.  i didn't want to have her on the side of the road and tina was afraid that would happen.  and i was scared of a painful long car ride.  and the good possibly of it being a car ride without luke, cause he works 45 minutes away and i might have to leave home when he was at work and have him meet me at the hospital.  and what if he missed the whole thing?  that would be sad.  and i was step b positive and i needed to get to the hospital in time to get some meds in me so that she wouldn't have to have them after she was born.  and the last reason that made me think that going in and having my water broken was a good idea was that tina would be able to deliver you, and i wanted that because i feel comfortable with her and i knew that she would go along with whatever i wanted to do and respect me and the decisions that i made.
sooooo, after talking to luke when he got home i called the doc and said i wanted to come in the next morning and have my water broken.  but they couldn't take me cause they were full.
at 6 something the next morning the dr called and said they had a cancelation and i could come in.  so, guess i am having a baby today.  it was really weird to know that i was going to have her that day.  luke took the day off and i brought the kids to school and dropped ivy off with betsy.  then we drove to the hospital.  on the way there we got stuck behind a super slow tour bus and i was sooo happy i was not in labor at that exact moment.
we checked in and eventually tina came in and broke my water.  it as weird.  she and the nurse said there would be a baby born in a matter of a few hours.  and i believed them.
so we waited.  but nothing happened.
so i took a stroll around the hospital, but nothing happened. then i had to hang and get the meds for the strep b.  (i had to get them every 4 hours.)
then i walked more.
and more.
and more.
contractions were showing on the monitor but i could not feel them at all.  i was dilating a bit more- i think i was at a five after a few hours of walking.
my nurse- gail stone- who was rad, offered pitocin.  i had to have that with velz and i didn't like it at all.  pitocin = pain in my book. and i wanted to go as natural as i could but i was so sick of walking and not much happening and i was already ready for the pain.
she gave me just a tad- thinking it would get things going.  but it didn't.  well, i guess it did cause i was having regular contractions, but still i could not feel them.
every half hour she came in and bumped up the dosage of pitocin and asked what my pain level was at.  "umm, 2 maybe." i would reply and she thought i was crazy.  after a few hours of walking with the pitocin and her bumping up the dosage and me being super frustrated- i may have broken down and cried cause of the frustration.  a few times.  like when everyone else seemed to be poppin babies out in every room that i walked by.  yeah, that made me cry.  and the fact that i was regretting my decision to come in that day, thinking that maybe i should not have and should have just let nature run it's course like i wanted.
finally after no one could figure out what was happening tina came in and checked me. i was at a 7 and she could feel my bag of waters still.  lola's head was stuck on the bag of waters like a hammock and it was holding her up- hence no added pressure and/or pain.
so she broke my water again and 2 minutes later there was the pain i had been waiting for.  i feel like i went form 0-60 in 2 minutes.  it was amazing. contractions were hard and productive, and within 20 or 30 minutes i had to push.  pushing was hard but lucky for me it only lasted maybe 10 minutes and then she was born!  so to re-cap- she re-broke my water at 6 and lola was born at 6:40.  like i said before, it was amazing.
and there you have it.
i went from the most frustrated person, to extreme pain, to super happy all in the hour.

and... now she is asleep in my arms. good night.


Nancy said...

yeah for birth story! Aren't you so glad those crazy person hormones are gone? (for the most part!! mine seem to be lingering, but maybe its just me....hahahhaa) I can't imagine all the feelings you must have been having...you totally made the right decision though...how crappy would it have been if you were in labor in the car, and it sounds like you would have gone fast...you motivated me to write van's birth story so maybe i'll get going on that...love your face!!!! ps. how do you post such long videos? cause you post them on Youtube first and stream them or whatever? I can only get like 10 seconds of vid if I'm lucky...

chanel said...

aww, that is a GOOD story. she's the coolest baby, soooo cute!!

Melissa said...

i like that story. :) it all worked out awesomely!

stephanie joy said...

absolutely loved the story! lola is such a cute babe with an awesome name and a rad birth story to match! love you guys.

heidi said...

good work--on pushing that baby out and documenting it (why is it so hard to do it?--the writing it i mean, well...the pushing out could qualify too :) love the video and the background voices. funny to watch videos of oshyn as a baby and hear silence or just the baby & me, not big brothers.

Smiths said...

Lola is soooo strong. It looks like she's ready to get on a board :) So I should do the same and write down the kids birth stories. I feel kind of like-how could I possibly forget? I really could. And will. Thanks

liko said...

i got to hold her for the first time yesterday!!!

and i love birthing stories. call me weird, but i do!!

Cheryl said...

She's so cute! Getting so big already too. I'm in awe of your birth story, you are amazing!

Sallyseashell said...

Thats awesome that she came out so quick at the end. Yay for no complications and a healthy Mom and baby.

mahina said...

there are so many parts of your birth story that i have experienced in my 5 labors! nani's water broke and i didn't progress like the midwife expected... so after many, many hours of walking and walking it turned out that the bag of waters needed to be broken again b/c it had come between her head and my cervix!

with the twins, i was having contractions but not feeling them even with pitocin turned way up (they had to give me pitocin b/c my water broke but i was not progressing, still at a 5). mitch gave me a blessing and within an hour makaio was out. i only felt contractions for less than an hour and only pushed once! it was pretty awesome! i wish all of my labors were that painless!!

i love birth stories! thanks for sharing! i was wondering how it all came down from following your updates on facebook! so glad she was born in the hospital! she is such a cutie and i love how quickly she has chunked up!!

Missy said...

I love birth stories. How do you make it sound so easy though?? am i reading this right that you didn't get an epdiural? and you act like that wasn't a big deal! that 40 minutes must have killed like nothing else my friend. I endured that pain after the water broke for about 15 minutes and I'm afraid to have another...

you are a rockstar.

Erika said...

Love it! First off...Claire and Lola sound a lot alike. The car thing drives me CRAZY!!! And WOW...I can't believe how big she is. She must be your chubbiest baby yet...right? So sweet! I love the thighs. And your birth story is great. It really is all about breaking that water. Once the waters broken the baby arrives :)