Wednesday, June 30

keiki steps

at six o'clock a very excited velzy ran into my room- dressed for school- and yelled "i am ready!" today was the first day of keiki steps to kindergarden for the little lady and she was pumped. (clothing and hair style picked herself)

at school parents hung around for a few minutes while the teacher talked a little about the program. in the middle velz walked over and gave me a hug. a hug of reassurance? it was cute. and she was cute sitting at her table:

k eh[wvtrrrrrhtehv,v

when the teacher was done talking i gave her another hug and miss ivy and i walked out the door.

on the way home ivy requested we listen to taylor (swift, duh.) in the car and i actually got a little sad when it stared cause there was no velzy in the back seat screaming out the words. but it was only three hours and she was done.
when i picked her up she did act sort of strange- she was quite and not all excited like i thought she would be. maybe she just needs a few days to adjust? not sure what it was about. i kept asking if she had fun and if it was exciting and she said yes, so i guess it was not too bad. can't believe she is going to school...


Megan and Keli'i said...

Oh, she's a big girl now. Holy smokes, look out, Ash! You'll blink and she'll be a teenager. What in the world happened to us?

She is so dang cute in her little outfit and her cute pigtails. I love her.

And can you teach me how to make my pictures bigger on my blog? Please come over. Please?

liko said...

aww. she's a school-goer now!!

i remember the whole having to get into a routine thing and i must admit i wasn't sure how it would play out. but it did.

and sadly, soon she will be more independent and start asking you to leave as soon as she gets outta the car door instead of you walking her to her classroom door. or at least that's what faith did to me. and i cried inside a little bit.

but you will always be her mama and she still will love you as much as always. and life goes on.

Jill said...

I was totaaly sad too. I was just thinking that my "baby" is now gone for the next 18 years and all I get are summers! So sad!
She looks super cute and confident though.

Anonymous said...

Ash I am so proud of you... her hair looks darling, but she looks so old where has the time gone? Sure wish we could have been there for this exciting first. Thank you so much for the picture!! XO Grams & Papa

a mermaid said...

What a big exciting day for you both! She looks so grown up and ready to learn. It is so strange that we are entering these types of stages. I still have a little while yet, but I feel a little of this even when Ambrose heads off into the pool with his teacher at swim lessons. Whatever will I do when he's Velzy's age?? :)

heidi said...

it is soooo weird having them go somewhere for 3 hours and having no idea what they REALLY are doing. she is such a cutie and i'm sure will love it. so so nice you and ivy can have some time together before baby comes.

Anonymous said...

She was quiet because she had to sit there embarrassed that other kids can already read but herrrr mother doesn't even try to teach her. Put yourself in her place. Don't you get why she wants to read so bad? She's behind cuz your lazy ass won't teach her.