Friday, July 2

me, myself and i

*i licked my fingers after i rolled each enchilada for dinner last night. they are yummy. (don't worry, if i am making food to share i don't lick fingers. promise.)
*i love how it pours rain every morning lately. but love when it stops and gets sunny.
*i can't wait to buy fabric for a baby blanket. but i can't decide what i want to get.
*i think we are going to paint the walls in the girls room a cool sea foam green-ish color. can't wait.
*i am jumping on the "green smoothie" band wagon, they are tasty and the girls drink them which makes me feel like a good mom. velzy even goes outside and cuts wheat grass to put in them.
*i am working on a super cool embroidery project. i can't wait to finish it!
*i let my kids pee on the dirt on the side of our house when we are outside playing with water. they do have to wash it down with water after. is that bad?
*i have a child with homework.
*i scrubbed all three toilets in our house yesterday. i felt so domestic.
*i miss these people and wish i could party with them @ mcknight this 4th of july:
*i just heard the construction peeps drive up. I wonder if they are going to knock down our inside wall today?!?
*i get to go snuggle ivy now, she just woke up


a mermaid said...

niiiiiice to all the above! i'm listening to a cool song as i type this and it's cool like you and all these awesome factoids about your current life. rock on ash.

liko said...

um, remind me never to eat any of your enchiladas...
heehee. just kidding. the oven should kill the germies. ;-)
i like the rainy nights and sunny days, too.
can't wait to see the fabric and the embroidery project!!
and peeing in the great outdoors?? what's wrong with that?? i still do that sometimes, when no one's looking (or when we're in the middle of nowhere in new zealand and my husband is filming the scenery and happens to film me peeing in the bushes while he's at it) or when there's a port-a-potty or if there isn't a bathroom in sight or if i'm in the ocean. just don't tell anyone.
and we need to hang out more. our kids seem to get along good.

stef j. said...

hey i'm going sea-foam green for my girlies too!!! the current over-bearing blue was supposed to be sea-foam green... epic fail. so i'm going for attempt #2 here sometime soonish.

i'm loving the rain.

gwen always pees outside. addi's always naked. whatever.

i need to scrub toilets.

i'll take some of your spitty enchiladas.

Autumn said...

Love you, your funny! I would eat your enchiladas even when you lick your fingers, I teach my kids to pee in pools cause everyone else does, I wish I was domestic and knew how to sew and loved doing it!

The Trotter Family said...

I love a peaceful green color. Besides, it will soothe them to sleep, right? As for the green in the smoothie, I think I will pass! I can't wait to see the new addition all finished up!

Denae said...

Okay, be careful with those green drinks!! I can't give them to taj anymore, no matter how much he cries, because they make him poop his pants! For real! They are that good!

Rhitzclan said...

Can't wait to see the bedroom or the embroidery project! Not too sure about the peeing... haha! And you guys can party with us this 4th of July. =)