Sunday, June 27

a sunday night

(thinking about adding more words to my blog. it's my first attempt. not sure how i feel about just typing and seeing what pops up on the screen, i am usually more into pictures but i guess words aren't bad. so, here goes nothin...)

everyone is asleep. it's quiet. well, the neighbors are singing karaoke and i can hear it raining, but inside all is quiet on the moffat front. i like it. once upon a time sunday's were quiet. they were a day of rest and doing what i wanted to do. once upon a time my roommates and i would climb up onto the roof of the house behind ours, that was partially burnt down and read and relax on sundays. now, i get up at 6 to help velzy play "games." this week she is obsessed with coloring book activity pages- cross words, word searches, find the two pictures that are alike... you know the type. she still needs a lot of help with them, so i lay next to her, head on a pillow on the ground trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep and spell things or give her hints to where the words are hidden in her strawberry shortcake book. it's funny, she did her first word search all by herself today. she was so proud, luke and i were equally impressed. what was funny was the fact that she has no idea what they words are/mean. if i was a better mom i would teach her to read, she wants to learn, but for some reason i want her to learn in school.
speaking of school- she starts this week. keiki steps to kindergarden that is. it's a program that lasts three weeks, it's only 8-11 am everyday and it's for kids like her who didn't go to pre-school to help them ease into all day school. she is excited. really excited. i think i am too. it's sort of weird though. i am going to have a kid in school? really? me? i am going to have to be on a schedule? sign parent forms? be responsible? already? hmmm, we will see how this goes. i know i have 2.5 kids and all, but i still feel like that girl who used to climb up the rock wall to the burned down house to hang out on sundays, who used to skate down the point every morning on my way to school while eating a banana wrapped in a piece of toast and speed by the moms who were walking their strollers through laie. and now, i am one of those moms (or that at least is the plan once velz starts school). not that that is a bad thing. it's not at all. i like where i am. i am still that girl- i still surf, play in the sand at the beach, and occasionally when i am in a hurry eat a banana wrapped in toast. but when i want to hide out on sunday's i have to do it at 11 pm, in my kitchen, when everyone is asleep. i guess i could go hang out in our addition, it's the closest thing to the burnt down house right now.

anyways, lots has been going on around these parts this last week. we had a fun week playing with friends at their pool, at the beach, at their houses. we surfed a little at barbers point. we hiked and ate mountain apples, while getting eaten by mosquitoes. we got the girls a bunkbed and ivy has not fallen out yet! ate some yogurtland- why does it have to be an hour away? i took some pics of a boy named tosh. our addition got a roof, it got torn down, and a new one was put up. we camped in our back yard friday, it rained on us:
backyard camping

and i am sure lots of other things happened too. but, now it's sunday night and i need to get some rest. good night.

*guess what, i didn't go to sleep yet.
i just saw this on patria's blog and i laughed really hard, especially given what i was just thinking about.
and although i won't be joining the mini-van ranks, it's awesome:


lauren said...

a friend from work emailed me this video she thought of us when she watched it? um weird? i would NEVER drive a van.. but maybe the girl does look like kai a bit... anyways miss your butt. give my little ladies some love from their auntie.

Megan and Keli'i said...

I love your thoughts. Love the post.

I feel similarly to I really have three kids? Wasn't I just mountain biking up laie falls every weekend? What in the world?

Um, you guys need to come and play again this week. Yes, we love you.

Megan and Keli'i said...

Oh yeah, and super impressive that Velzy can do a word search all by herself! Seriously, that's hard core.

echo said...

that video was awesome!
i liked this post too. i often feel the same way even though adelaide is only 3 it is so strange.
and good luck in kindergarten velz!

echo said...
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a mermaid said...

fun reading your thoughts friend! i dont think i'll ever stop freaking out about the fact that i am a mom, but you're right- it's a great thing! :)

liko said...

seriously, we're moms now!! what the!?!


isn't it great, though??

and yay for the camping and mountain apple-picking (hope the mosquito bites were worth it!!)

and minivans seriously rock. they do. i used to drive one in college. i guess i'm a nerd.

Jill said...

I liked your words. ;)

Oh and would you please send me an email with your address please?
jill and neil at hotmail dot com

betsy said...

this video doesn't make you want to get one?! so funny.

Autumn said...

Funny video! My baby goes to school in the Fall at that shocks me that no more little kiddies at home, so sad! I don't want to grow up :)

Da Denninghoff's said...

watched it twice and I'm still smiling. Thanx for sharing:)

Kristen said...

I like the wordiness. :) I can't believe I'm a minivan mom either... by the time we got #3, we just didn't fit in our baby (2001 Doge Ram 2500) *sniff* She got towed last week. *sniff* But... the kids were worth it.
I love that video. I play it when I need to feel like changing diapers and making sandwiches forever is cool.

Damaris said...

I like your blog a lot. your pictures are great and your writing is great. Writing is cathartic.

Smiths said...

Kids growing up is kind of forcing me to reflect on my own willingness to grow up. I feel like in some ways I have to and want to, but I kknow what you mean about wanting to hang onto some of the great youthful parts of life. It's a hard ballance for sure, and great to be a little in both worlds.