Thursday, July 9

it's thursday

warming up

warming up

*i think i will start posting my favorite pictures of the girls on thursdays.

*thanks for the work out ideas.  when i hurt my ankle in january i got out of the workout groove for a while and if is so nice to be back into it.  it's amazing how much better you feel when you work out and eat good.  have i mentioned i have not had a piece of candy in almost a whole month?

*thanks for the compliments on the quilts. the ones my mom quilted she did on her regular old sewing machine, she just drew the lines (actually she eyeballed the first one- impressive!) and then sewed. it's really actually pretty easy.  i just sat at the machine and did swirvy lines that i wanted to look like seaweed.  if you want to make your own quilt- i always pass along my friend kelly's baby quilt tutorial, it's great. and also heather bailey's quilt binding tutorial is easy to follow.  

* we are going to san diego next week. luke has a map nerd conference to attend and so we are along for the ride.  should be fun.  it will take my mind off the fact that my family is going to lake powell and i am not.  boo.

*ivy, although cute, is a whining machine the last few days.  it is driving me crazy.

*i need to go pack.  

*ivy is crying.  velzy is sleeping.

*i have been daydreaming of days spent at waimea and pounders getting womped with all my bestest college friends for the last couple days.  daydreams inspired by this (click on the picture for more pictures).   


missy said...

So, I have a quilt pattern that I want to make. It has the binding on the edges too. Is that tutorial easy enough for even a beginning like me?!

I'm sad you guys aren't in Hawaii too. It's like a fish out of water without seeing pics of you guys there. Will you go back?

Smiths said...

I love the warm pavement after playing in the sprinklers. I've been trying to get Taj into it and finaly this summer he trusted me and LOVES it too.

I'm in a total workout rut. I run most mornings behind the stroller, but it's getting boring and my body is so used to it that I went from maintaining to looking like I'm prego's or something. I gotta step it up. Thanks for a little motivation.

Autumn said...

San Diego all week??? I am camping San Elijo Sunday-Thursday, come surf and hang! Call me!!!

Kristen said...

Ash your photos are awesome.

mahina said...

love the buns!

lauren said...

the one that says travis hardin? CA on the slide show looks like BROCK! doesnt it? i totally thought it was him at first? weird?

Shannon said...

We love SD! when you get back let's get the kiddos some play time, that's probably why Ivy has been whiney, she misses Deek! Hey, and the best workout...used to run hate it found this last month,
P90X...shreds your abs and butt!!!

The Trotter Family said...

Look at those cute naked sun bathers. I wish mine would stay still that long!

Melissa said...

these are sooo awesome!!!!

Jen said...

Long time no blogging on your site. I'll have to check out your etsy again soon. Got any boy stuff?

Cutest bum bums and so tan too!

You gals are so talented with all your quilting.