Monday, July 13

i really wanna win

I really like blue lily.  What is blue lily you might ask? Take a look-see here.  too lazy to click? well, blue lily is an amazing husband and wife photography team.  They are holding a lil (not so lil) giveaway and so I thought I might enter.  Now I know, your thinking “so why don’t you go comment on their blog and hope that the random number generator picks your number”- right?  Not so.  This is a contest giveaway.  A get crazy contest.  I have been known to get crazy a time or two in my life so I started thinking.  And so I am posting my entry here in hopes of winning.  Because, my mom really needs an updated family picture here:

it is so 2003.  if you take a closer look you might note that brynn now has a tan and i have a handsome husband and two cute little girls that are not pictured.

so, on to my contest entry:

i walked into a tattoo parlor (my mom's kitchen) and decided to (semi)permanently declare my love for blue lily.
and then made sure to show the world. logginforlilytext700
it was a ridiculously crowded saturday, and i got some funny looks from some old guys in the water.  thanks luke for clicking one quick picture before running after the girls who were running in separate directions- one for the water and the other to pick up the huge rotting fish backbone on the sand. 

but who am i to have all the fun?  i know two little girls who like to get a little crazy as well.  i might have mentioned that they could paint themselves blue one day last week and in less than 60 seconds they were stripped down in the bathroom with paintbrushes in hand.  

painting yourself is not something to be taken lightly.  look at their game faces.
actually it is a lot of fun. 
and yes, i did attempt to make my pictures look blue lily-esque so wendy would like them.  
so there you have it.  that is my entry.
wendy-  pick us!  you know you want to take our pictures and then take us out to dinner!
thanks. love~ash


liko said...

you win in my book. hands down.

ice cream barrels said...

heh heh

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

that's it- my vote's in for you! you deserve it! love it.

whitty-acres said...

Oh my gosh!!!! So fun and wonderful. I love the way you approached this and I don't know how we'll ever ever choose! Thank you ashley- btw your photography is looking really, really great.

wendy and tyler from BL

Denae said...

And you have a Blue Girl group!

The Trotter Family said...

OK, I feel a little weird telling you this, but your butt looks great! I wish mine looked that cute. I have seen the Blue Lily sight and they take great pictures. Hope you win! And in case you don't, your family photos aren't that outdated. Our last one was when I was in eighth grade!

stef j. said...


and might i say, they are adorable blue.

Melissa said...

yep definitely a winner! :)

Smiths said...

If you don't win, please post the link to the blog that does- I can't imagine what might be more creative than yours.
Little tidbit- I went to the site and some of the pictures shown are at the very antique store that I bought my sunshine benches, not ten minutes from me. Do they live in Utah?

Rach said...

I LOVE IT!! you are awesome & crazy. I totally hope you win!

lauren said...

you crack me up! wendy would be crazy not to pick you. esp since your time here on the mainland is limited... you need some blue lily before you leave and its too late! maybe i can put in a good word for ya. you know with my "connections" and all... ha. oh and i love rachels comment about your butt! miss you!

echo said...

radical pictures! i love em!! you better win.

echo said...

radical pictures! i love em!! you better win.

mahina said...

you are such an awesome mom to let your girls paint themselves blue! the pictures are great!

Jamie Watson said...

Love seeing you surf!!