Friday, April 10

no snooze button here

i have always wanted a super power that makes it possible for me to know what people are listening to on their headphones.  it would be so fun. 
so, i think i am into this early morning wake up and work out thing- two days a week that is. thursdays tunes:
  1. cindy lauper- good enough (hey you guys)
  2. hall and oats- private eyes (i recommend doing the clap, clap clap while running on a treadmill, it feels so good)
  3. oingo boingo- violent love
  4. wang chung- everybody have fun tonight
  5. mj- beat it
  6. survivor- eye of the tiger (so many good memories of this song from our high school soccer pump up tape)
  7. mj- thriller
  8. dead or alive- you spin me round
  9. men at work- land down under
  10. carl douglas- kung fu fighting
  11. the vapors- tuning japanese
  12. men at work- who can it be now?
  13. styx- mr. roboto 

and bree- you didn't live at animal house when we had a 80's party based on RAD did you?  it was amazing, i love that movie! this ones for you:

i have to admit, i think all the girl bands from the first mix were a little more peppy and fun to work out to, but this is a fun mix too. thanks luke.


Melissa said...

that was amazing!

i dig your workout tunes.

liko said...

you love RAD, too?! awesome!! i think we are kindred spirits, ashley. hahaha!!!

Denae said...

That is some old school stuff ash!