Saturday, April 11

easter preparations

my mom and sister came to play with us on thursday and friday.  it's so fun to play with them- it's amazing how much fun you can have doing little things like making cookies and dyeing eggs.  
thursday was cookie day.  i don't even want to think about how many cookies i have eaten in the last 3 days.  they are sooo good.

friday we dyed eggs.  we had a lot of fun dyeing eggs when i was younger- melting crayons on our eggs and all, but i get more and more into it these days.  last year we made some really cool eggs.  and this year i had some new things we wanted to try (from martha.)  so we decorated some eggs with the girls then got to work on our masterpieces.  

egg artists:

the marbled egg and clover pantyhose- or botanical egg as martha calls it:
the rubberband egg and the polkadot egg:
pantyhose eggs:

when they left velzy had real tears in her eyes as she said "i miss brynnie"  then asked "why does brynnie have to go back to grandma's?"  wanna move in with us brynn?


liko said...

i'm really fancying all those beautiful eggs! and cookies!

karebear said...

those are the coolest eggs! and i'm craving some sugar cookies now...mmmmmmm.... great job girlies!

.Ang. said...


Love the eggs and the cookies are picture perfect!!

Nice work ladies!

Robyn said...

What fun! Your mom was so excited to come see you. She brought some of her famous sugar cookies to me and we ate them in one night. They are so dang good. I can't believe you guys made that many. How fun. It looks like the girls loved decorating them. And those eggs are beautiful! I never knew they made such cool decorations. Go Martha! And Ashley!

Melissa said...

how to those sugar cookies look so perfect!? I really want my sugar cookies to look like those, they look so big and fluffy and delicious! What's your secret?

Also your eggs look awesome!

Denae said...

Your family is so hot!

Dan and Amanda Arrhenius said...

I am quite impressed with your dyed eggs! Mine always look a little W.T. I hope that you guys are doing well. Your kids are quite cute, good job!