Tuesday, April 7

richard simmons is onto something

my neighbor olga and i are starting to go to the gym on campus twice a week in the early morning.  today was our first day and i only pressed snooze once.  and yes, i am patting myself on the back.
i have learned that when you work out in the morning you have got to have good tunes, you just do.  back in the day, nanc and i used to blast "pump-up music" for the whole 2 minutes it took to get from the animal house to byu-h, it was a short drive, but we needed the pump up to jump in the pool at 5.
and now, i need a pump-up to run and/or get elliptical.  and today, i hit gold.  luke has two 80's mixes on my ipod that i never really listed to before, but this morning mix #1 hit the spot.  so what is this am morning work out motivator play list?
here ya are:
  1. madonna- material girl
  2. bangles- walk like an egyptian
  3. hall and oats- your kiss is on my list
  4. toni basil - hey mickey
  5. oingo boingo - i love little girls
  6. real life - send me an angel (my fave)
  7. cindy lauper - girls just want to have fun
  8. billy ocean - get into my car
  9. michael jackson - billy jean (got to be honest, i skipped this one)
  10. billy ocean - caribbean queen
  11. oingo boingo - good bye
  12. wham! - jitter bug
  13. billy ocean - lover boy
  14. bananarama - venus
  15. bananarama - cruel summer
  16. hal and oats - maneater
how good is 80's music?  you know you were singing to yourself as you read the list.
and feel free to youtube any of these songs for a good laugh, luke and i just had way too much fun doing just that.
80's mix playlist #2 coming thursday- unless i press snooze twice.


Keli'i and Megan said...

I can't do any sort of work out without music. No way! And my mom totally used to do "Sweating to the oldies!" Ha! I still know some of the moves!

liko said...

hehe, gotta love the eighties, man.

Erika said...

Way to get up early to workout...that's my goal everyday. Sadly I haven't acheived that goal since before Jane came. I guess I just need Luke's 80's mix. Yes, I found myself singing the songs. Jon and I love watching those youtube vidoes as well. Seriously, how did we ever think the 80's style was cool?!?

Iggy Bloggit said...

luke made the mix? really? i wouldn't have thought hahaha

Greg and Diana said...

Oh my goodness, I was TOTALLY singing Walk Like an Egyptian in my head!! When I go for my morning walks I always have the iPod with upbeat music...it is a must!!

Matt and Melody Odell said...

Hi Ashley!! This is Melody Odell, used to be Coleman anyways I found your blog and wanted to say hi! We are in HB, same ward as your friend Lauren. I would love to see you sometime, so happy you married Luke, cutest couple ever. Love the prom post!

chanel said...

SERIOUSLY! It FREAKS ME OUT how often we're on the same wave length so often!! i just checked out MrSimmon's Partying Off The Pounds- thought my girls wuld like Exercising with me to that. funny stuff. esp when lauren said, "where are his real clothes?"

heidi said...

ohhhh thanks for the mix, i've been needing a new one! funny-cruz only made it 1/2 mi before he wanted to go home (stroller ride) and so i had to give him my tunes for the rest of the time....it worked though.

The Cooks in our Kitchen said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on the blog. I would LOVE to add you as a "cook in our kitchen" to our TJs blog. Email me your email address and I will add you so you can just upload recipes if you like. :)

Aubrey Jane said...

I can't believe you skipped Billy Jean. I've been singing that ever since I read your post this afternoon. Now Noah is singing it too, "Billy Jean's not my lumber."

The Bradys said...

i was totally singing lol hahah too funny

Brie said...

send me an angel reminds me of...the 80's movie "RAD"...if you haven't watched it, do it...sweet music, hair, clothes and BMX bikes...and slow motion BMX tricks with "send me an angel" in the background...awesome.