Saturday, March 14

the premier of the present

thursday my mom was kind enough to watch my pooping-in-her-underwear ivy and tantrum throwing velzy so that luke and i could go play all afternoon and evening in newport.  the main purpose of our date was to go to the premier of thomas campbell's newest film "the present"  so we made an afternoon of it.  we started by hitting up some surf shops on the way to newport.  then we parked in newport and rode our cruzers around for a few hours- yes hours.  we rode to the wedge and walked on the rocks, walked for a little bit on the newport pier, and just rode around glancing inside the houses of the rich and spoiled that are right on the beach there.
next, we had a most amazing dinner at il farro caffe tratioria-  a little itallian joint by the newport pier.  it was soooo good.  i can't pronounce or remember what i ordered but it was so good., it was some great pasta with some great stuff inside.  then it was smothered in three kinds of sauce- red sauce on the top third, cheesy white in between the first and last, and a creamy pesto for the bottom layer.  it was good.  enough said.
after dinner, we rode to the store to get some gum so that the people sitting next to us did not have to smell the garlic that we reeked of and rode on to the main event.  the lido theater is super cool, with it's old school ticket booth out front, black lights and two levels of seating, it's the best way to watch a surf video by far. surf stoked fans, a huge screen and ray barbee and the matson 2 jammin on the stage before the show began just made it that much more fun!


The Trotter Family said...

Fun! I'm glad you got some alone time with Luke. Isn't it nice when the grandparents will take the kids even when they are a pain in the butt? So does the Lido theater mostly do indie films? I think it is so cool that they put a live band on before the show!

Mahina said...

hey, you guys were in my old stomping grounds! i grew up in newport and that's where i call "home", my parents live by the back bay.

i love the description of your girls! haha!

katie speed said...

I am jealous. California has some great little beach cities

Denae said...

Okay, we're moving in with you. Hope you don't mind, but we can't afford to live in CA otherwise. We'd help babysit. Your ride on the beach is what pushed me over the edge.

jon + jill said...

we saw 'the present' in laguna beach. it was favorite was the expression session part. loved the ladder and the nordic track. haha. dying.