Friday, June 27

playing a little catch-up

since we didn't have internet for a while i sorta have slacked on posting, so here is a little catch up post.
these are from fathers day- isn't luke cute (even if he didn't want this pictures taken)?
what a good dad:
at laie elementary there is the coolest little sculpture garden that we discovered on a early father's day walk:

velzy just finished swimming lessons up at gunstock ranch. it was fun/a little frustrating when she screamed bloody murder the second day when i was supposed to dunk her. it is an above ground pool with a plastic dome top, so screams are really loud and embarrassing.
after some bribing with candy she is doing better but i am still not allowed to put her under, she has to do it on her own- two year olds. speaking of gunstock ranch... last weekend the lawrence twins had a pony ride, pirate/princess party up there.
velzy was soooo excited to ride the pony's. she talked about it all week and did a great job riding. i thought that she would totally freeze up and not get on but she jumped right on and would have been happy to ride all day.

i just love this picture of velzy's fav friend ruby. she and velzy are such cute little partners in crime.
ok, long enough post. bye!


Mahina said...

great pix! i've got a lot of catching up to do too!

i love the screaming velzy at the pool story! that is so like a two year old! our 20 month seems to be starting early on the "terrible two's"! it's sad, becasue she has been such a sweet little thing!

Malia said...

Love the sculpture garden pictures! and the Last one of this post... awesome! Hey aren't you allergic to horses? how was that?

Da Denninghoff's said...

So fun Ashley! Yeah for swim lessons. I want to start those with Eve soon. Hopefully when we get to Utah!

Kirk + Chelsea said...

I'm so jealous! You live in paradise! What an amazing life to live and your girls are so flippin' cute! I loved the post about Saturdays- they are SO the favorite day of the week! I wish we could have a month of all saturdays, wouldn't that be peachy....

karebear said...

I really want Scotty to get swimming lessons. He's so clingy that it seems like we'll never get him to do anything alone. But we're trying. Looks like you are one busy and super FUN mommy! You're girls are sooo cute.