Thursday, June 26

apparently we like the #6 around here-

velzy picked #6- pepper 
ivy picked #16- kristen
let me know what color you want:
personally i am in love with the orangey/goldish one.  the first ones that i made are not pictured here, but you can still have one of them if you like.

pepper, email me (or luke if you don't have mine) your address so i can send it to you.  and kristen, i will drop it by! 

i think i will put more in my etsy, cause they are fun to make- who doesn't like playing with fire?

happy friday. 


Anonymous said...

How come I always miss the fun stuff!!! Those are very cute Ash!
It is possible Taj was on his way to the mall. Too bad the tress & electric box got in the way. Maybe next time he'll actually make it out of the culdesac.

Mahina said...

i love the orangish one, too and the green! too cute!

Lacey said...

guess thats what i get for not blogging! sorry about the teeth thing, too much sugar cane and pineapple! when are you coming to cali, we should all have a big beach bash or something!

AJ said...

those are so so cute. how did you even think of making those?

Kristen said...

Yay, I win!! Woo hoo! I love the orange or the pink, or the... sheesh, just surprise me! When do you leave for the ML ?