Saturday, June 28

snapshots in my head

from sunset beach this morning:
- looking up from the bottom of  the "sand mountain" and seeing luke, velz, and ivy all sliding down towards me with hugs grins- even ivy was scooting her bum and pushing off her little legs to get down, so cute!
- swimming underwater and watching ivy's short little chubby legs kicking while in her baby float, and the contrasting long skinny ones kicking out of velzy's.
- after i came up from diving to the bottom to get velz and ivy some more coral to play with velz said: "mommy, you looked like a mermaid down there"
-watching lukes bright colored trunks as he swam around underwater- it's so clear.   
- i swam out a bit and yelled to velz to come swim out to me (in her float) and she yelled back (in a sweet yell) "mommy, i'm coming.  you need help?"

love love love saturdays. 


Mahina said...

it's a good thing you have velzy around for those times when you need help in the water! thank goodness she was there!

Malia said...

How fun! Stuart and I had a nice swim from sunset to Pipe this afternoon! It was beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Whoops. I forget I have 2 Ashleys now! Sorry!

Smiths said...

Thank you, and I hate you! Just Kidding. It's a wierd combination of obsession and fear with reading your blog sometimes, because it makes me so homesick. I'm so glad you live hawaii the way i would- the right way. Ha. See you soon.

Da Denninghoff's said...

Ashley, I really think you are a mermaid! As much as youre in the water, you might else well be! I ended up getting a Nikon D80. It's a really fun camera, thanx for all the advice. You inspired me to save for something I really wanted:)

Jen said...

This is a great post Ash! It'll be great to look back on in a few years.

There's something about all those moments when you just can't/don't have a camera around to capture it!

Emily Taylor said...

Ashley, your blog is so cute, I've had so much fun going through it and reading it. I can't believe how adorable your little girls are. We hope to make it out there in the next year or so. We'll drop by.

BOWDENS said...

I think it's so awesome that you have little water babies! Don't ever leave'll regret it!! Then again, what's better than 115 degree days and nights?? Not much?!!

echoallred said...

i love saturdays too.
i wanted to invite you and your husband (a kid free night) to a small 4th of july celebration on thursday night, july 3rd. we are going to play a fun game of softball at the BYUH field and then have a bbq/potluck. the game starts at 5 and dinner at 6:30ish. please bring a leafy green salad. don't worry if you have never played before most of the people who are coming have not played much either. we would LOVE to have you guys there. please let me know.