Tuesday, May 6

viva mexico

one of the worst parts about living in hawaii is there is no good mexican food. none. well, except for cholo's, but other than that i really miss mexicans and their food- pedro's and wahoo's (which they have out here, but i didn't think was as good as the ones in california- probably because it is lacking the mexicans) to be specific. there is nothing better than coming home from san-o and driving through perdo's to get a carne ascada bu-bu-bu-rito (if you have heard my dad say that, it makes sense).
so yesterday i took things into my own hands, i mean it was cinco de mayo, it was only appropriate.

the menu:
7 layer dip
chris' famous pico de gallo
mexican rice
refried beans

it was delicious. unless you are luke who ate wayyyyyy too much and was still in pain this morning, which prompted him to swear off beans for the rest of his life- or till next week.
happy day after cinco de mayo.

if you want a really tasty and easy recipe for the meat that filled our chimi's please visit our recipe blog.


The Trotter Family said...

Yeah, Cholo's is good, but when we went there, they had a trail of ants on the wall. I think you are safer cooking mexican food at home. Poor Luke, I hope he has recovered. Next time, take Beano!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i hear you! in honor of cinco de mayo my friend and i joined forces yesterday and did our best. windward mall just opened their taco del mar (or something like that) and it is not too bad- but there is nothing like good old mexican food from california for sure.

glad we are preschool (and cabbage) friends now. :)

Katie said...

You're tellin me! PR doesn't have ANY mexican food, unless you want to pay an arm and a leg! I miss CA so much for the diversity in food, and cheap food at that! I agree, Wahoos and Pedros are so good!

Anonymous said...

you forgot the fireworks after dinner. the whole evening was great!
thanks for everything

snlbarney said...

You are the best mommy ever! I think is so important to "take things into your own hands" and make the great memories:)

Da Denninghoff's said...

Oh my Ashley you make me wish I had my crock pot with me, thanx for the recipe:) Mexican food is sooo ono!

Jen said...

Good Job celebrating!Your menu sounds delicious. Ya, we know how to do it right. How sad that this Mexican didn't even do anything for Cinco.

Molly Malia said...

yum.. sounds like the recipe that i do! i seriously could eat mexican everyday of my life... i llllove it!
hey is that taco shop in ca the one that we went to after san-o? that place was great!

Anonymous said...

You're right, there isn't any good Mexican out there. You just made me feel a little better about not living there. We actually have a lot of good stuff here.
And I'm totally with you on the whole HP thing. We were boycotting it at all costs & then I have no idea what happened!!! It came out of nowhere & now I am ashamed & kind of think it wasn't worth it. shhhhh.

modestmuse said...

I must come forward from the blog-stalking shadows on this one:
I'm not from CA, BUT I did live in Mexico for a summer, and the BEST Mexican I've had outside of that culinarily gifted country is at Mexico Lindo in Kaneohe. Deliciono! Don't listen to the haters if you Google it, just go, it's great.

betsy said...

uh ashley, don't you mean kris' pico ?

Jennelle said...

You wouldn't believe it just by seeing him but Brady is half Mexican...funny huh? His dad is full Mexican and he is a riot! Christmas day = Tamales. I heart Mexican food too. We were just talking the other day how we missed Wahoo's...Brady and I found a place in Kaneohe called "El Mariachi" I thought is was pretty tasty and better than Cholo's...it is ran by Mexicano's too, which is a plus.

Maryam Jessop said...

Your blog cracks me up. I love wahoo's, almost as much as life it self; however, I would totally give up mexican food to live in PARADISE!

chanel said...

the down sides to living in Paradise. man.

you're seriously the best cook eva!

A Day In The Life Of Us said...

Ok, I was JUST thinking this same thing the other night. SO wanting Mexican, and SO bummed that there is NO GOOD Mexi food here! Maybe I'll have to try that place in Kaneohe. Now I know why everytime my grandparents would come to the Mainland, they would want Mexican food every night. Thanks for reminding me of Pedro's. I seriously don't think I've had better nachos in my life! :( My mouth is watering at the moment. I think I'll go to Cali next week and get some mexican food.