Monday, May 5

meet ashley or todays science lesson

a week and a half ago we brought home a caterpillar whom velzy named ashley (good thing it is a gender neutral name). she/he ate a lot and pooped even more, just hangin out in her/his "pooh bear organic animal crackers" container home. by the next evening she/he was perched on a stick in the "flying J" getting ready to pupate. the next morning around 6 i woke up with velzy (and that was sleeping in) and checked on she/he and she was still just hanging there.

at seven i looked over at her and this is what i saw! amazing!
seriously, i don't know why i was so stoked (other than the fact that i am a nature nerd and everything that happens in nature amazes me) but i was. velzy who has been learning about the whole caterpillar to butterfly thing was pretty into it too.the next week her/his chrysalis became more and more translucent, but was still pretty green. saturday morning luke mentioned her/him and i went to check and see progress and all of the sudden it was totally translucent. once again- we were on red alert- ready to see this crazy little butterfly emerge, but we went to the beach. upon arriving home, this is what we found!!! once again, amazing. we were stoked. she/he was not totally out of the chrysalis so we watched her/him finish. then she/he just hung out for a while letting her/his wings dry. since she was just cruzing, we left her/him be, and by the next time she/he was checked on she/he was gone, hopefully to go make more babies so we can do it all again.

speed lapse- i had no idea how crazy this is it's worth a minute and a half of your time:


Da Denninghoff's said...

That video just blows my mind! Soooooooo crazy! Just imagine babies in tummy's, Isn't God amazing? I'm so glad that Velzy had that experience:)

Molly Malia said...

wow it's like they just turn inside out!
i remember that being the highlight of walking home from school and stopping to check out the bush across the street from the cafeteria and collecting the caterpillars to bring home!
way cool!

Keli'i and Megan said...

Very cool, Ash. Aiken's learning about that in school too. He had a blast watching the video you posted. He was like, "What's the bug doing?" I had no words for him! Hope all is well. We'll definitely have to make a beach day this week!

Katie said...

I love these pictures! Great photography...Velzy's face looks so cute looking at the butterfly.

Aubrey Jane said...

What a great science experiment! Watching the video makes me wonder if it hurts - you never know. The pictures are awesome! I need to do that with my kiddos. Thanks for the idea!

tonya said...

That is so cool! The video is awesome, too-it looks like it hurts.

GOOO Ivy!! Good job on the walking little one.

BOWDENS said...

Holy Cow Ashley! That was better than any science experiment I ever had in high school! The pictures are so great and I love how Velzy's little face looks so amazed! So cool!

Mahina said...

wowzers! that is amazing! very cool video! makes me want to go out and find a caterpillar! my girls would love that! mostly what we find around here are worms! not very exciting!

liko said...

that was awesome -- the whole "experiment" brings me back to kindergarten at laie elementary and we had an aquarium filled with crown flower leaves and caterpillars and got to watch them mature into butterflies -- basic science is so interesting!!

Jennelle said...

I love it! Nature never ceases to amaze me. Great pictures too!!!

kari_beri said...

Hey Ashley! I'm loving these cool pictures. It's so amazing to catch these tiny miracles right when they happen. Scotty was into it! Can't wait to see more!

CageQueen said...

Wow, what a cool thing for your daughters to get to experience at home! The look on your daughter's face as she watches the butterfly is priceless and beautiful.

P.S. We went to high school together; I'm not a random blog stalker, LOL. I found your blog through Rachel Trotter's.

P.P.S.S. Velzy is a beautiful name...just wondering if it is short for something?

chanel said...

ummm, is it weird that movie made me think, "I bet thats what I look like puttinng on pantyhose." Lets not ever time laspe that lovely event.

Lauren says:

seriosuly our parrallel lives freak me out a bit, we just released our butterflies yesterday.

LOVE the picks with Velzy- sooo cute!

Melissa said...

whoa that's awesome! and it's hilarious that she names it Ashley. haha! funny kid!!