Monday, January 28

dear anonymous commenter-
where i come from uncle is a term of endearment, and last i heard we are all brothers and sisters so i don't really find the term"uncle gordy" to be offensive or disrespectful. i do, however, find leaving negative anonymous comments on someones blog of personal thoughts about their life to be pathetic- take some ownership in your oversensitive and stupid comment.
and how did you know i have not showered since saturday? i do stink.


Molly Malia said...

i'm sorry ash that people don't use their brains sometimes.

Jen C. said...

I put this on the post where anon wrote their junk. I thought that I'd reiterate it here. :D I'm not sure "cajones" is correct, but I think that it gets the point across!

Eh, morons will be morons. They exist all over and sometimes pop their heads out of their rears to spout off poorly written garbage. Ash, don't pay attention to people who don't even have the cajones to write their name when making a negative comment. It's a true sign of weakness.

Jen C.

nicole said...

What the? That is hilarious. I found your dedication to "Uncle Gordy" very sweet Ashley. I agree, I am going to miss him, he was such a big part of our age group. I guess some people have too much time on their hands??

And, I am constantly sick with envy of you and your cute family living on the Island..... It is grey and dreary here in Utah. I am dying for some sunshine.

chanel said...

whoa! look at all these posts- and this telling "anonymous" off is by far the best most worth reading! Sometimes blog comments can be so retarded!

thanks for sharing about the temple experience- that was way cool!!!

AJ said...

I got a rude comment tonight and it made me feel bad too. SCREW no face bloggers.

Jen said...

HAHA HAHAHA! You go Ash!

Dear Anonymous-

AHH never mind. You're not worth it!!

The Bradys said...

lol im dying laughing... u crack me up ash.... i hate those anonymous bloggers... but thats what they lve for. they get a kick outta people reacting to their stupidity. seriously dying laughing ovedr here! lol