Monday, January 28

post overlaod for sure this morning, but ivy is asleep, velzy is engrossed by surf's up, and i just uploaded a lot of cute pics (really fuzzy, but cute), so why not?
i almost peed myself yesterday as luke pushed the babies in the little car, they were so stoked, huge smiles and lovin the speed. unfortunatly no good pics of the action.

velzy is the best friend cause she loves to push the car more than sit in it. like i said, post overload. i might be done for a couple days!


AJ said...

Loving those faces! I am totally with Velzy on Surf's up...amazing.

tonya said...

Ivy's face in the first pic is so great. pure joy.

Anonymous said...

Hey ashley!!! Ok so I check up on you all the time... and never leave comments... so lame I know!!! You guys lool like you are having so much fun in the sun... your kids are darling!!!

I have thought of switching over to blogger...but It seems such a hassle to switch over my posts...and I would hate to loose a year of documentation....We'll may happen someday!
Love reading yours though!!!

steph said...

fun times......Jackson also loves surf's up! He always cracks up when Cody makes the farting noise with his mouth. He thinks its hilarious..... I blame his dad for that :)