Wednesday, January 30

read like you are singing "our house" it will make more sense and not sound like terrible poetry...

i'll make the dinner, while you bathe the kids
never mind, it's the same room.
sitting eating dinner,
while we listen to velzy and ivy splash.
the first time i have eaten at the table, not on the counter.

our house is a very very very small house.
with two kids in the room,
we sleep in the dining room,
but everything is easy cause we are here.

come with me now, walk just five minutes to the beach,
it's so close to reach.
the girls have such a breezy room, the windows are letting in wind,
seal them with a blanket so it won't get in.
with such cheap rent, who can complain?

our house is a very very very messy house,
with toy all over the floor.
then came christmas and we got more,
but everything is easy cause we are here.

thanks for the inspiration crosby, stills and nash i was just looking at this picture from last week and was moved to lyrics about our little place. don't let it sound like complaining though, i have no complaints, this picture is just too funny.


tonya said...

ash, you are the coolest girl i know.

betsy said...

it is a very nice ode to the abode

AJ said...

loving this pic and so many reasons to be happy!

Molly Malia said...

i love it~ you are so creative ash.

snlbarney said...

I agree, there are no complaints when you live in paradise, and can walk to the ocean. Sean and I would live in a studio with two kids if we go back there:) Don;t take a break from blogging, I laugh at your fun stories, and relish in the glimpses of simpler times in Laie:)

Katie said...

Isn't that the truth! Thats how I feel sometimes!

chanel said...

cute- you have such good perspective!

The Trotter Family said...

You got that song stuck in my head for days!