Tuesday, July 31

this just in...

the drama is finally over- lauren had her baby boy tonight!!!! things went amazingly well- after they had to turn him last night and induce her- she and he are doing great.
Kardiff Andrew Black
7 lbs 13 oz
19 in
born at 6:30 tonight (tuesday that is)
ok, so i am just a proud auntie and had to tell everyone, i am sure she will be blogging about it as soon as she is home!


tonya said...

YAY for Lauren! Did she have a long labor? I hope not! That girl has been through enough. Cute name.

Chanel said...

YAY!!! I saw the link and all I can say is OMG!!! That poor girl!!!
Im sooo glad everything went smooth THIS TIME. Congrats!!!

Missy said...

Hooray for Lauren! Very cute name. Love the use of her maiden name as the middle name.

Jen said...

I just wrote this long comment and it didn't take...UGH!!

oh well, Congrats Lauren!

Love his name!

Valerie Page said...

Go Lauren...poor girl! I didn't know you had a blog...WE have a web site too http://www.babyhomepages.net/pagebabes/
Guess what, we are moving in about 5 weeks! If we don't get together before then I am going to conclude that we both are slackers! Seriously...FHE?

Brandon said...

Thanks for postin on our blog! We're just gettin started. We were in Thailand last Christmas. That's where those pictures came from. It's the raddest place. The water is amazing. We're heading back this Christmas and hopefully we might do a little stop in Malaysia and score some waves! Good to hear from you. Hope to see that new little kid sometime soon!