Thursday, August 2

the early bird gets...a shot

the last week or so velzy has been waking up about fifteen minutes earlier than the day before, which was alright when she was waking up in the seven o'clock region, but this morning, she woke up at 5:50. so we went and watched a little playhouse disney- me with my eyes half open as she was boppin along. naturally, i was a little less than happy with her, so you might understand how when her doctors office called and said that they had gotten chickenpox vaccine (they had run out of last time we were there) i sort of laughed to myself and said of course we can come in, see you in a few hours- bring on the pain! (if you are thinking i'm serious i should let you in on a little secret: pretty much everything that i say should be taken lighty, really lightly) so she got her shot and she is all right, and it didn't make me feel any better about how early she woke up. she was more upset that they didn't have any lollipop's- seriously she was really mad when we left and there were not any lollipops. it's crazy the things that such small minds remember.

anyways, there has been an explosion of bloggers these days. there are more and more peeps on the blogging scene every day- check my links for the newbies: andy y lorena (my uncle and his wife who have the cutest little girls EVER), brandon and sienna (my cousin and his wife who are thailand locals), and the barneys (good friends from hawaii), as well as some others that have been added in the last few weeks. i love it. as cheesy as this whole blogging thing can be, i am so into it. it's super fun to cyber spy on friends and family.

hmm, what else can i tell you about... oh! did you know that there is a moffat beach in australia? well, there is. and even better is that the artist that made this is named ashley. cool, huh?


Jen said...

You are too funny! I like that you're so easy going and light hearted.

AH poor kid. The least they could've done was given her a lollipop.

Bloggers are everywhere. You could just spend all stinkin' day surfin' (the web that is). It's fun and you really do learn so much about a persons life. It's like being a fly on the wall. I love it!

I think you should buy a print of that and put it up in your new house when you move! Any progress on that situation?

snlbarney said...

Hey Ashley - thanks for all the inspiration with blogging - it is really quite fun! I will do my best to stay true to bloggers everywhere and update frequently:)

Your kids are growing so fast, and I love that you love being a mom - isn't it the best ever??

Here's to more updates, and keeping in touch easier!! Love, Lins.

tonya said...

5:50 is way too early. Kaleb has been on that program for awhile now. It's getting fairly old.

That is so funny that V remember the lollipop at the drs routine. It's funny how much they remember.

It's so fun to have new bloggers, huh?

Moffatt beach, huh? And with waves? That is so awesome! I love that pic, too.

Maryam said...

Why do kids get up so stinkin early??? Layla is like clock work. She's up at 6:40 everyday. I am sleep deprived.

Missy said...

Avery has been waking up at 6:02 every morning for the past three and I'm really tired of it. I usually just leave her in there though until about 6:30. She just plays. Does V scream to get out? That's makes it all worse, especially if Ivy is sleeping. Hopefully she's just growing or something and it gets back to the 7 o'clock hour.

I'm dying at the beach AND the name of the print. That is so cool. And wait, are you prepared to move across country? What do you do? Box things up and ship them? Are you stopping in CA on your way?