Monday, July 30

so it's monday

and i really have nothing really to post about today. but here are some random monday thoughts anyways:

- yes, ivy, stripes are slimming (lucky for you, my little chunk!)- i really like rain, and going for walks in it.

-i really like ivy cause she has been sleeping at least 10 hours at night, if not more!

- lauren is one of my favorite bloggers becuase of this post

- lauren better have that baby soon!

- i can't wait to ride this board again soon!

- i am in love with the new pottery barn naturals catalogue and i want every thing in it

- can't wait till my dad is catching velzy doing this, and love that he was there with ethan, and my mom is cute.

- tried a new recipe yesterday that i didn't really love

- who says television doesn't bring families together? (notice velzy's hand on luke's leg)

- luke is working a random 10-10 shift today

-i wish i could scrap as good as kelly maybe i will try tonight when the girls go to sleep

and this is our new t.v. stand- pictured here just to show my mom.happy monday!


Jessica Brown said...

Man I'm going to have to try the stripe thing. Thanks Velz for the good tip!

ashley said...

jess- like you need it!
ivy's zebra shirt says "stripes are slimming"

Chanel said...

I haven't checked the links, but I ahve to tell you seriously now, my husband thinkgs your husband is soooooo cool! I was blog surfing last night and scrolled down yours and he saw the PB Club post- he died! He said something like, "Look at that dude, he's crazy, I love it!" Is this weird? Yeah maybe a little, but its way more innocent if we were talking.
ANYWAY! Your family is adorable as ever and I am goign to go check your links now!

tonya said...

This is such a fun post, Ash! Your mom was telling me about poor Lauren at the beach. That is just horrible. I feel so sorry for her! Thanks for the tip on the PB Naturals. It looks beautiful. I'm gonna check it out more later tonight when I have more time.

And, of course, the girls look DARLING!!!

Missy said...

V and Ivy are looking more alike. Do they look like each other in their baby pictures (of the same age?).

I love random blog posts...this was fun to read what is going through your head. I'm dying about Lauren, she's got to have that baby soon.

Robyn said...

I just read Lauren's post and was laughing at that picture, but also thinking that I wanted to buy Trent a potty tomorrow! He wouldn't even know what to do with it!

I liked this post. And I like your new t.v. And t.v. stand. Ivy looks so cute in that zebra onesie.

B and Grandma said...

Ivy is so cute... her eyes looked brown so brynn enlarged the picture and sure enough they are still blue! I'm glad to see that you are propping her up - make sure that you teach her how to crawl and talk too. Where is the bike picture? We love you three!

tonya said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you how great the tv stand looks. Straight out of PB.