Sunday, April 22

thanks girls!

thanks bloggers for the baby shower in a box! you are so sweet! love the outfits, little blankie, cutest bathing suit ever, sandals, hat, gift card...but most importantly- thanks for the love and support! i am so lucky to have such great friends! "yes! new stuff!!!!"


Jen said...

So excited that you got it! We have been checking your blog everyday with the hopes that you would tell us when you got it!

We couldn't have done it for a more deserving person and such a cute little Ivy! Glad you can use all the stuff. The bathing suit (and really all of it) will be great for your next trip to Hawaii!

I have to admit though, that Ton really pulled it all together! She really does host the best baby showers...even if they are across the country! Enjoy all the goods and your growing family.

tonya said...

Yay!! I'm so glad you got it. I figured Ivy could use some summer stuff since V's hand-me-downs are going to be the wrong season for awhile.

I'll admit it. The bathing suit made me want a girl. Really bad. I almost bought two, but didn't want to jinx myself.

How great do you look? Super great, that's how. Cutest little Ivy, too.

Thanks for blogging. I love seeing new pics of her and keeping up with your crazy life. Hopefully Velzy is adjusting okay... and you are getting SOME sleep.

Meggan said...

Oh, fun Ash! I'm glad you put pics of it on here. Congrats again on girl #2. You look SO great. Are you getting enough rest?

Don't worry about commenting on peoples blogs. It's easy to read while nursing, but not so easy to comment. And keep on postin' pics of your little doll if you get a chance.

Robyn said...

Yeah, I'm glad you got it. And the credit goes to Tonya for organizing it all! Ivy is so cute! She already looks like a 2 month old! Come down here!

Missy said...

Congrats to you again. I love your little girl already! I think she might look like your husband. Do you think? I don't see much V and V looks exactly like you.

Ton did organize it all. She is a baby shower expert, I think.

Erin said...

Yeah!!! How cute are you and Ivy?!!! Congratulations and so glad you like everything!

I love Ivy's name. Staying with the V theme!