Monday, April 23

sunday strolls, snakes & skinned knees

yesterday we took a little stroll with our new stroller- which i love, but i do feel like quite the wide load when pushing it. along the way my tough guy caught a little snake and got pooped on,and my little tough girl got her first good bloody skinned knee. i have to say it was a sucessfull little walk.


Meggan said...

Looks like fun (although not the skinned knees part). If Luke is anything like Joses, he was probably enthralled with the fact that a reptile pooped on him.

What kind of stroller is that? You guys look so happy.

Iggy Enigma said...

aren't you LOVING this weather?! i can't wipe the smile off my face.

i have to say Ash you look so good in these pix! i can't believe you just barely gave birth.

tonya said...

You look so great. It looks like you feel great, too.

I love family walks. They are the best. Except, I can do without the snake and skinned knees.

That stroller looks great. I seems like it is less wide than most side by side strollers.

Is your mom ever coming home?

ashley said...

i love this stroller, it is a combi and i think that it is smaller than most of the "double-wides" so i think that it will work well!
and grandma dar will be returning home on saturday...what will i do with velzy without her????

Chanel said...

so fun! you are awesome to already be out and about!
double strollers are pretty rad.

Missy said...

I know that everyone keeps saying it, but you REALLY do look good Ashley. You don't even look tired at all. So great.

You really had her at the perfec time with the warmer weather. You can be outside all the time...

Robyn said...

Another beautiful picture of all of you with the gorgeous trees in the background! Do you live in a wilderness? You look so vibrant! Keep the pictures coming!

Jen said...

Nice pictures. You all look great. Especially you Ash!

GROSS GROSS GROSS- please tell Luke not touch anymore snakes. He has a newborn for goodness sakes!

Oh wait, I think that was your dad that wrapped that snake around I guess your OK with all that reptile stuff. YIKES!