Tuesday, April 24

one hundy

one hundred posts? wow, i thought this day would never come.
i would like to thank my camera without which i would not be able to take pictures that make me want to post about my life. i would like to thank my family, who i like to put pictures on my blog for, so they can see how the rugrats are growing and what they are up to. i would like to thank you readers, especially those who comment, and make me feel like my little life is special. i also have to thank my journal, who has taken a backseat to this blog, becuase i would rather write with pictures than just write on a blank page. and i would like to thank the nappers in the family, because if they did not nap, there is no way i would blog.


Chanel said...

so cool, so true!
I would like to thank your blog too, who with out I would have never "met" you and had this empty Ashley void in my life adn not even known it.
Your life is special and I love having a glimpse!
Blog On!

Meggan said...

Congrats! Always fun to make blog milestones.

Iggy Enigma said...

congratulations and welcome to the ranks. we are an elite few. perhaps we should celebrate with caviar and mocktails.