Friday, April 20

mellow yellow

i can't believe that ivy has been here for six days already. time flies when your not getting enough sleep. actually, i have it pretty good, my mom came into town last weekend and she has been helping a ton and hangin with the velz so i can sleep in.

monday we had to take ivy to the dr's for a check up, everything was looking good but we found that she had lost a lot of weight- mainly cause she was too sleepy to eat so nothing much was getting to her. we came home with a little formula to give her just till my milk came in and we feed her a little more then she could handle...poor grandma! but honestly- bottle feeding is so easy, almost made me think twice about breastfeeding, not really though. check out luke making good use of the boppy, so funny!

when we went back on wednesday for a weight check she had gained 10 oz in less than two days, so needless to say now she is eating just fine! but they did take blood for a jaundice test cause she is a little yellow- it was kind of sad they had to milk blood from her little heal for ten minutes, poor girl! she is still a little yellow today so we are going to go back to the dr's just to make sure everything is alright.

but she is a little sweetie- super mellow. maybe i will call her mellow yellow.
velzy is stoked on her and loves to point and say what things are: "eyes" "hair" "nose". unfortunately she got a cold on monday night so we are trying to keep them apart as much as we can, but how do you tell that to a one year old?
anyways, things are good. the sun is shining today and it is supposed to be warming up this weekend. sunshine=smiles, and naps in the sun.


tonya said...

ASH! I love her. She is so, so cute. Really. Her little face is adorable.

Poor little thing, though. When you take her in, ask them to put a warm pack on her heel. At the very least, a warm wash cloth for a few minutes. That will get the blood flowing to her feet and they shouldn't have to squeeze her heel like that. Sheesh people.

Bummer that Velz has a cold. It's pretty much impossible to keep the older one away from the baby. Even now, I can't keep Ethan off of Asher and he should have SOME self control at 4. Nope.

You are right, bottle feeding is WAY easier. Just the other night, Stacy asked me why it takes me 30 minutes to nurse when Asher takes a bottle for him (while I'm at work) in like 5 minutes. At least it's a good excuse to sit down every once and a while.

Enjoy every single second with that little Ivy. It goes SO fast. Much, much too fast.

Chanel said...

Oh she is absolutley darling!!!! Really really cute adn sweet, Im in LOVE!
Your husband is hilarious, he looks so cute feeding her on the boppy- just doing what the mom does right??

So glad V is loving her, but too bad she's got a cold. I swear it always happens. Julia was quarantined to her room for a whole week when Lauren was like 6 weeks, I changed my shirt everytime I went in her room, but Lauren still go it a little, the joy of siblings!

Again Ivy is just the greatest!
Hope her yellows go away fast.

Missy said...

She really is adorable Ashley. So perfect and with her and my sister-in-laws newborns it kinda makes me miss that baby stage. Fun for you.

They had to prick Avery's heel too. They always put a warm pack on her heel too so it never took that long to get the blood out, but it is the worst to watch them cry!

Hope you are doing well. You sound great. Beautiful girls you have there.

MJWheeler said...

Congratulations you guys!! She is darling and what a cute name. We'll have to meet her next time you come home for a visit. We are so excited for your cute little family.

Meggan said...

Ashley! She is such a beautiful newborn. Wow, what cute little girls you have way the heck over there.

How did you get your milk to come in if you were giving her bottles?

Meggan said...

p.s. I like that you changed the name of your blog back. Pura Vida is the bestest.

Candace said...

I'm a weirdo. I like when babies have that jaundus skin.

She's so cute!

Jen said...

Ton, You so need a girl! They are so much fun.

She is super sweet! And she looks so mellow! That picture of her sleeping in the sun looks like she's soakin' in some Aloha in Hawaii or something,with that Hawaiian print underneath her. So cute.

I feel your pain Ash.Makena had to go through a billion of those heel sticks and it was agony listening to her cry. I always kept her arms swaddled and gave her the binky before they did it so I could comfort her a bit while they did it, but definitely make them warm her heel!

The Family looks beautiful and so content with little Ivy in their lives. I can't wait to see her in person. When are you headed back our way again?

Jen said...

BTW Ash, Ivy's color doesn't look too yellow anymore, great Job!

Jessica Brown said...

Hey Ash! What a cute baby! I was so stoked to find out that you guys had a blog. We have one too, I think Jaron emailed the link to Luke. Anyway Liv had jaundice real bad, and they had to poke her heal a ton. I hated it! So I feel for you. Give Mellow Yellow a hug from =her auntie Jess and Uncle Jaron! :)

ashley said...

ok, so the jaundice is all better, and they did do the warm compress, but she just didn't have much blood flow i guess!
and megg, i only gave her like one ounce from the formula, just so that she could have something in her system to get the poop flowin so she would get all of the bad stuff out. i pupmed for that afternoon and night, the next day i wass feelin it bad though when my milk came in like crazy!

tonya said...

Okay, Ash. I admitted a patient at work yesterday who was naming her daughter Ivy, too.

And, I helped another nurse transfer her patient down to the postpartum unit who named her baby Dylan. That is my 3 Dylan in about a month. I hope Meggan doesn't read this. She'll be mad.

And I understand why. Two weeks ago, I had a patient who named her kid Asher and yesterday, Jen had a patient who was going to name her son Asher, too. ARG! So much for unique names.

tonya said...

Oh, sorry, and I'm so glad her jaundice is better. All 3 of my kids were pumpkins.

And OUCH. The only time I hate breastfeeding is when my milk first comes in. Yikes.